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The Fall Winter Issue Of On Newsstands Now! 9  FUN DRA ISING EDITOR’S ME MO Healthy pets m , happy a FR EE best pe ke the ts Fal l/Winte r 201 9-2 0 A sk any pet owner and Pe t Pr e s s you that they’ll tell having a worst! sick pet it hurts or Pets can’t tell us is the what they where shouldn’t ate that hav they profiles is on a scal e or how bad thei HORSES e of 1 to r are left gue 10. We pet pain aren’t wel ssing when our furr parents l. y friends That’s exa Matt, and ctly where I found ours my husband, late last elves one summer. evening made the troubles Yeti was that having tum deci he appeare wouldn’t let up, Ern my There he sion to take him d to be and whe We rescu Novemb ed Buddy, a to the afte hundreds was tested for a r-hours vet too weak to wal n Thom ie of num k, we caused by dollars, we luckily ber of things, but clinic. 5-y a feel the sam vegan hotdog he’d found it after five just wh er. Within hours ear-old Yorki was just at we ne e eded to it was clear he in a hours and stomach scary and e way about veg gotten a hold of issue likel expensive an hotdogs, ordeal that by at a wee led us to the way.). In any think abo kend coo ut pet insu y kout. (I case, it was lead to this the topic. month’s cover stor y on complet e our fam s wa ily. as Ben son STORY AN BY KRYST D PHOTOS rance, whi a Anyway, Library shar AL MO RALEE J Gray ch with Yeti fully es tons of reso (at least recovere keeping urces for phy your pet a huge deci sically), our fam d, hea r from Zeke hea lthy. You’ll ackie Sto ily another furbsion this fall and made column in his Pet also at 3421 ne’s connection add and Pers pective Bronso to the farm insurance aby! (I wonder if ed so 45 yea n Lake covers a pet If you hav much more. away and rs, so when her Road goes bac for Yeti). pet therapis we’d love e a great story to father pas k t to tell, she was the Agefarm was sol readers in hear it and shar losing (In hum sed All joking aside, he our Spring/ e it with “When som an d, she felt like ething as a big brot is doing issue. Plea Summer stable herI wasyeaars): 2 , we girl special. Buddy. We her to his little brot t grea se mihomepap email me at ecas 2020 e,” she yea rs a rid ran ing old Yorkie, rescued Bud dy, a 5-ye her, If your hou well@ Stone ma We ighsaid to Arkans rried, had t: . in hours it was November. With ar- ours, you se is any thing like bought as,153 butpou kids and “I wond we needed clear he was just in ’ll months snu enjoy these cozy the farm the nd s person n the mo ved er who Age (In hum interested Bre been if would I While Yeti to complete our fam t wha ggled up winter an years): ed:asked her if she who I wasn’t ha raised wi ve So, until springtime with your pets. 11 Mo nth and doi in com ’d be about who can be, let’s ily. - Happy tails Weight: 23 s ng som Neweth ing bac k to horse? the opposit he befriends, Bud y say, pick pou nds “When fou ingnd lan Michigan Those th a a horse days of being D ra g o n ! Favorite toy: Breed: Bea have an you wit love you h dthe farm. on e. He loves dy is — Emi The leg gle Fav opportorit r family (Hence his name). Bud everyone! EDITOR, ly P. Caswel l Favorite of my Dob like, wo unietytoy to: come farm and ma saved me of energy. THE PET acti vity erm an bro w, maStu de me who an I am tod d dy has a PRESS : Ste alin the r said. ybe ffe d bu this bac k, He his big brot loves long walks, ton \ Fav g the nei is affa Godlo thing,”it was d ia rie s her toys, orit e foo d: Sea foo ghb Stone, a Favorit she ay.” always bee and me! ors sho contem registered e activity: — Jackie n Yeti has d... I see es nurse, was Stone nice to hav a daddy’s boy, so foo d and could be plating Nap s pos the Ow ner, Ho ea it’s eat it! rses of Ho Life has bee dog of “my own was nap don e at the sibilities of wh pe but watchin n busy with two .” pingFav orit farm at to offer wh eneshefood: , and said she God thin g.” This bearded g them dog s, somDog e sor had the cuddle, espe play and there. A gie t tho So, Stone cially on even few day of horse therap ught April and moved back Henry makes it long she was me s allsr, dur all wor car rides, wat atblate y to the farm set about makin Michigan in Best of all, th it. aired abo ching the new ing breakfast es a Sim on -Ta dp ole , wh g dragon mak , horse auc ere at one rep Life has have bee knock on wood, they that was ut horse therap s and a story tim airs on ch n hea gutting tions were hel e Thurlow’s farm wo a confirmation y, and she felt Is yo ur p o o be two healthy lthy! Of course, them pla en busy with even uld her it into an father’s too d. That great pet dogs can tha “It’s som be a good pla t a therapy inc y and ev two en cudd dogs, but wa which is why our pet insu we are still exp be expensi ve, & B is my spirit ething that rea n. training office and goi l shed and luded ng to turning car rides , make le, espe cially on tching you too, rance opti lorin ons, which g c u it said. “I that needed to lly dropped into therapist. to becom e a certifie Florida for p ro te c te d ? can lear really bel be done,” d equine s it all wo long this issue. There n more about in ieve in she Horses rth it. information is also imp God and it’s a and Sto of Hope was bor Top: Jac kie orta ne n soon family’s formStone runs Hors in to do if you this edition on nt Stone and and her two after, es of what Karen Bob daughters, er farm in Lapeer. Hope on her shouldn’t, r pet eats somethi olz, are Alonda Right: Since last spri ng working t plus the Lapeer Dist it get Hors A look at pe to es of Hop ng Stone has wor rict family farm e up and ked to . running on her form ce er health insuran FA L L / WINTE FA L L / R 201 WINTE 9- 20 R 201 9- 20 Age (In hum an years): 16 Weight Breed: Coc : Lig ht S! P E T LO V E R Favorite toy: kat iel Pap erb ack Age (In hum W E LC O M E Favorite acti Boo ks Weight: 11 an yea vity: Che pou nds rs): 6 Mo nth s wh ile my win g pap erb ack Favorit (Co llec tiv ely ) Breed: ‘mo m’ rea boo ks Favorite foo ds the m Is it som e toy: Is it Dan gly Ora nge Tab by d: Wh eat eth ing we ? FA L L / bre ad or ’re not Is it shi ny? mipe WINTE pop cor n The y’r e su R 2019- 20 Favorite acti all our fav ppo sed to hav vity: Shr ori tes ! e? edd ing the Favorite foo sho we r d: Chi cke cur tai n n line r The Pe t Pres s | 3 BECOME A DISTRIBUTION SPOT TODAY! CALL 810-452-2608
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