2013 Township Road Improvements approved

FLINT TWP. — A traffic signal improvement at Dutcher and Lennon roads and widening and resurfacing work on Dye Road between Court Street and Calkins road are among about $370,000 proposed road improvement projects for 2013, approved by the township board of trustees at its Monday night meeting.

Supervisor Karyn Miller said recommendations for this year’s projects came from the township’s Road Advisory Committee based on PASER condition ratings and visual inspections of township roads.

Funding for projects will come from a road millage fund, Community Development Block Grant Funds and 50-50 funds shared with the county road commission.

The cost of signal improvement at Dutcher and Lennon is estimated at $7,320. That is the intersection leading into the back entrance of Genesee Valley Center mall. Several accidents have occurred there including a fatal in July 2010.

Miller said the signal request was made by the road commission and still must be presented to the board for final approval.

The estimated cost of the Dye Road widening project is estimated at $105,771 including 50-50 funds.

The board also earmarked $27,500 for a snow removal pilot project contract that is subject to renewal this year.

Trustee Belenda Parker requested removing the snowplowing estimate, adding that she objects to paying in advance before services are rendered.

The board agreed to remove the item in order to move the road plan forward and because the board will be considering snowplow contract renewal at a later date anyway.

Also $10,000 is estimated for crack seal programs at various locations. Trustee Barb Vert asked if details were available specifying locations.

Miller said that is generally left up the road commission. She added that crack and seal costs $2,500 per pallet and the four pallets budgeted will get used up.

Estimates of $115,698, $69, 367 and $79,108 includes grouped projects to reduce fee costs. Road slated for paving and milling projects are:

°Dye Meadows from Briarcrest to Scenicvue

° Scenicvue from Dye to Dye Meadows

°Heatherwoode from MIllcreek to Northgate

°Squire Hill from Dye to Dye Meadows

°Heatherwoode Court off of °Heatherwoode Road

°Lancaster from Danbury to Trenton and around the corner to the cul-de-sac

°Yorktown from Court to the island

°Dyekrest from Dye to Maplekrest

°Maplekrest from Dye to Dyekrest

Miller also said the Road Advisory Committee is in the process of preparing a three-year improvement plan based on assessments of road conditions.

Trustee George Menoutes brought up his perennial request for improvements on Calkins Road.

Miller assured him that work for all of Calkins road will be scheduled in the three-year plan.

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