2014 GMC Sierra

2014 GMC Sierra

Six in 10 full-size pickup owners use their trucks for trailering, according to General Motors’ survey data.

“Trailering is a fundamental capability that customers invest in and depend on when they purchase a truck,” said Tony DiSalle, vice president of GMC Marketing. “Before the 2014 Sierra is even in motion, systems are monitoring conditions and preparing the truck to perform.”

On any grade of about 5 percent or higher, Hill Start Assist automatically engages the Sierra’s brakes for 1.5 seconds or until the gas pedal is pressed. This keeps the truck from rolling rearward and helps in trailering situations like climbing a boat launch.

Tow/Haul mode, activated by a button on the shift lever, modifies the standard six-speed transmission’s shift mapping to take full advantage of the Sierra’s new EcoTec3 engines. Under acceleration, shift points are higher for more power, while downshifts are initiated earlier to promote engine braking, reducing wear on the Sierra’s disc brakes.

With Tow/Haul mode engaged, Sierra’s Trailer Grade Braking is activated when the driver lightly applies the brakes. This feature initiates downshifts to assist with braking on long down-grades.

Trailer Sway Control works with the Sierra’s standard StabiliTrak to provide the driver with additional assistance when towing a trailer. When it senses trailer sway, it intervenes with braking and/or reduced engine power to bring the trailer under control and keep it on its intended path. It also uses the electric trailer brakes when a trailer is plugged into the standard wiring harness of the truck.

DiSalle concludes, “The 2014 Sierra backs up its unmatched capability with a host of ingenious driver aids.”

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