4 candidates for Township Clerk

Alex Clark

Alex Clark

All Democrats (vote for only one)


Tell voters in less than 200 words what you consider to be the most important issues facing your community and how you will address them if elected:

Alex Clark

Age: 29

Hometown: Flint Township

Family: Al Clark (Father) – Retired Flint Township Police Officer, Terri Clark (Mother) – Nurse at McLaren, Jon Clark (Brother) Varsity Baseball Coach at Southwestern Academy

Occupation: Sales and Leasing Consultant – Randy Wise Auto Group

Political experience: 8 years of working on political campaigns, Democrat County Party Member and Volunteer Been Endorsed by the Senator Jim Ananich, Representative Phil Phelps, NFL Dallas Cowboy Brandon Carr, UAW, AFLCIO, GLS Building Trade Council, Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council, and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 948.

Kathy Funk

Kathy Funk

Education: Carman-Ainsworth Class of 2005. Northwood University Class of 2009 Triple Major Business Manager Marketing Entertainment and Sport Promotions; Double Minor Economics English

RESPONSE: Safe Neighborhoods, let’s keep them great! Our neighborhoods offer great homes, schools and a sense of community. We need to hire additional law enforcement to respond to emergencies in our community. Proactively increasing our available law enforcement teams will help root-out crime. This will protect our families and home when emergencies arise.

Better Roads, now’s the time!

We all know our roads are deteriorating. We also know that money has never been tighter in local government. I will establish a 5-10 road improvement plan. This plan will help keep the township accountable to when each road will be taken care of. Flint Township has some of the highest tax rates in the county and our elected officials need to be more transparent to when road projects will be completed.

Shawn MacGillivray- Heston

Shawn MacGillivray- Heston

Time to vote, everyone should be doing it! We all know someone who thinks their vote doesn’t matter or who doesn’t care. Too often this is the mentality of young voters. I will make it my mission to make this the rarity instead of the norm. Through education and technology, I am going to reach out to young voters and explain the importance of voting and why their voices do matter.

Kathy Funk

Age: 53

Hometown: Swartz Creek (Flint Township)

Family: Spouse – Douglas; son – Adam, 21, attending New York University

Occupation: Administrative Assistant to Flint Township Clerk Kim Courts

Political experience: The more important question is job experience, not political experience. I have worked at Flint Township for 10 years, with the last four years spent as the Administrative Assistant to current Clerk Kim Courts who has fully endorsed my candidacy. As for my “political experience,” during my tenure I have worked with politicians and elected officials. Prior to my employment, I volunteered on several local grassroots campaigns. I believe the public is tired of “politicians” and want someone in office who has common sense, a good work ethic, and experience. These are qualities that I possess and, unlike the other candidates running for the position, I am the only one who has worked in a clerk’s office and knows what it takes to run the department on a daily basis from elections to administration.

Education: Swartz Creek High School, Class of 1982

Michigan State University, 1987, BA in Telecommunications

Other education

Mott Community College, Paralegal Courses 1993-1995; Michigan Certified Assessing Officer (MCAO), 2013; Current on all Michigan Election Staff certifications

RESPONSE: First, I will not support any frivolous or unnecessary spending and understand that money being expended comes from the taxpayer. Secondly, safety is the basis of a healthy community. I support providing all the equipment and staff to make sure both Police and Fire Departments can do their job. As clerk, I will ensure the constantly changing laws, deadlines and procedures are followed – just as I did when drafting the Freedom of Information Act Policies and Procedures for the township. If laws are not followed, the township is subject to lawsuits, fines and loss of state/county funds. Also, the rights of everyone that can legally vote must be protected and candidates running for office need to know that they will be treated fairly. I will work to keep the Clerk’s Department equipped with the latest technology for elections and record retention which will result in a more efficiently run office while saving time and money Lastly, I will ensure the most qualified candidates are hired to fill vacancies to meet the needs of residents and business owners. It is time to take the personal out of personnel and hire based on an applicant’s experience and knowledge.

Lavonna Harris

Age: 55

Hometown: Flint

Family: Four wonderful children

Occupation: Supervisor, GM Automotive

Political experience: various campaigns

Education: High School – various study courses

RESPONSE: Township open five days a week to better serve people

Protect taxpayer dollars Reopen fire station #1 – fulltime

Shawn MacGillivray-Heston

Hometown: Flint Township, Flint, MI

Family: Father, the late John MacGillivray, (former Flint Township Trustee), Mother, Nina MacGillivray. Both were/are lifelong residents of Flint Township. Three children, Wesley Bastion of Zeeland, MI, Whitney Holdbrooks of Colorado Springs and Molly Denney of the United States Air Force, along with three grandchildren.

Occupation: 23 years as a Travel Consultant following FAA rules and 14 years in Health Care as a phlebotomist following HIPAA rules.

Political Experience: Involved lifelong in politics with my family in discussions, conventions and campaigning, as well as continually educating myself on current events.

Education: Associate of Arts degree from Mott Community College in General Studies. I have also attended continuing education classes in Customer Service, Research and Development, and Health Care.

RESPONSE: The office of Clerk is responsible for voting in the township. I would make sure that all rules and regulations are followed for the residents. The Flint Township Board is comprised of 7 members, that include the Clerk. My responsibility to the residents is to make myself knowledgeable of the issues and vote with the Flint Township resident’s best interest at heart.

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