The 2013 Dodge Durango, one of five Chrysler Group vehicles selected as a Consumer Guide 'Best Buy'

The 2013 Dodge Durango, one of five Chrysler Group vehicles selected as a Consumer Guide ‘Best Buy’

Each year, Consumer Guide Automotive editors carefully scrutinize dozens of vehicles from all major models in 19 vehicle categories, looking for those vehicles that represent the perfect balance of key attributes and value in each class.

This year, five Chrysler Group vehicles can boast a spot on the 2013 “Best Buy” list.

The five “Best Buy” vehicles are the Chrysler Town & Country, Ram 1500, Dodge Durango, Dodge Grand Caravan and Dodge Journey.

Consumer Guide Automotive has presented the list every year since 1967. Previously, top vehicles were divided into two categories – The Consumer Guide Automotive Best Buy and Recommended winners – but this year, for the first time, editors decided to eliminate the Recommended accolade and raise the criteria for earning a Best Buy classification.

The result is a shorter and more prestigious list, and more bragging rights for the five Chrysler vehicles selected as “Best Buys.”

“We are honored to have five of our vehicles, including three Dodge vehicles, recognized by Consumer Guide Automotive as Best Buys for 2013,” said Doug Betts, senior vice president of Quality at the Chrysler Group.

Betts’ pride is fair. He knows the rigorous testing his vehicles had to endure to win their spots on the list; editors at Consumer Guide Automotive analyzed several criteria, including price, features, performance, fuel economy, reliability records, price, and resale value, to assess each vehicle.

Though the editors are trusted as objective, Tom Appel, the Guide’s publisher, admits he’s tickled with Chrysler’s achievement.

“The Chrysler Group turnaround has been a treat to watch,” he said. “In a few short years, the company has made revolutionary gains in terms of drive train sophistication and materials, and assembly quality. Chrysler really feels like an all- new entity.”

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