5 thoughtful gifts that don’t require much thought

Valentine’s Day is prime season for florists, with floral sales capturing 40 percent of holiday dollar volume, according to data collected by IPSOS-Insight FloralTrends Consumer Tracking Study. While flowers — particularly mixed flower and red rose bouquets — may comprise the leading gifts for romantic gifters, many others are looking to buck the flowers-and-chocolate trend this year and offer something more unique.

On the heels of the holiday giving season, most gift-givers realize how difficult it can be finding the “perfect” gift for a recipient. That gift may be even more difficult to find when the intention is to convey love and affection. But Valentine’s Day givers can look to a number of gifts that are very thoughtful but needn’t take more than a little forethought.

* Gift card: You may be thinking a gift card doesn’t sound that thoughtful. However, when paired with a listing of gift items, it’s easy to illustrate the thought that went into the gift. It may make sense to simply purchase one of those interesting items, but this way you’re giving the recipient the choice of what he or she really wants to select.

* Something engraved or monogrammed: A simple scarf turns into something more special when it includes monogrammed initials or a special saying. The same can be said for anything from a picture frame to candle holders. Taking the time to have something monogrammed or engraved imparts thoughtfulness into the gift.

* Pet accessories: People view their pets as members of the family and often as small children (when small children are not yet present). Especially during the dating stage, providing an adorable gift for his or her pet may be seen as a heartfelt gesture. Be sure to pick up a little something for the pet parent as well, though.

* Hobby gifts: Recognizing the interests of a loved one is a clear sign that you’re in tune with what he or she enjoys to do. If you have an avid reader on your hands, a new e-reader or some e-books may be ideal. Sports fans could appreciate tickets to the next home game of their favorite team. Someone who dabbles in culinary creations may delight over a gift basket full of top-of-the-line cooking utensils.

* A spending spree: Take your Valentine to his or her favorite store and encourage him or her to pick out a few favorite items. Set a price limit or let them choose regardless of price. This way you can spend time together and see the joy on your Valentine’s face when he or she is choosing treasured items.

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