6-1 vote on approval of township 2017 budget

FLINT TWP. — A resolution for the “Flint Township 2017General Appropriations Act” was approved by the township board last week with one dissent. Trustee Barb Vert cast the sole no vote.

“I feel like some of the department expenses are more than what the revenues are,” Vert said. “I feel we can’t keep drawing from our fund balance, so I will not be supporting this.”

Vert did not elaborate on which expenses she opposed.

Estimates for the 2017 General Fund budget are $9,988,356 in revenues and $10,233,432 in expenditures.

Property taxes are expected to bring in the biggest share of revenues at $3,593.994 followed by state shared revenues -sales and use tax at $2,540,500 and garbage assessments at $1,186,540.

Most other revenue sources are less than $500,000.

Under expenditures, the largest line items include $4,010,388 for the police department; $2,551,060 for General Services Administration; and $1,143,597 for the fire department.

Based on those figures, the beginning fund balance for 2017 of $4,549,816 is estimated to be reduced to an end-of-the-year fund balance of $4,306,467.

Detailed revenues, expenses and fund balances are reported for several other budgets including the Municipal Street Fund, the Police and Fire Millage Fund, Building Authority Debt Service, the Sewer and Water Fund and the Road Debt Service Fund.

The entire 2017 budget is posted on the township website at www.flinttownship.org. From the menu listed on the left side of the home page. click on Township Information and then on Budgets and Audits.

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