A better option

I am wondering why roundabouts have become the go-to with intersections. To me they are a waste of money when there are better ways to have safe intersections. Why is it the public never gets to voice their feelings when it comes to roundabouts?

There was installed at Elms Rd and Hill Rd which resulted in an accident the very first day it was open to the public, not to mention that it cost $600.000 where a traffic light only costs $60,000, which to me is still way overpriced.

The worst part is the fact that most people do not know how they work or how to use them. I have had to sit and wait because the car in front of me waited until there was no traffic from any direction before they moved on thru. This is wrong!

I read in the paper today that I received in the mail that the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission has determined there are 14 most likely intersections which would be feasible for roundabouts. The worst part is one of them has 17 lanes total and they want to squeeze them into a roundabout. The intersection I am referring to is Miller Road and Elms Road which already has traffic lights that work very well. There are quite a few businesses that would be impacted from this change which will be a nightmare for motorist trying to get into and out of.

Some of the other intersections they have listed would disrupt traffic flow and make it dangerous because of the fact people do not know how to use roundabouts. If they want to improve them that is fine but let’s use what most all of us know how to use and that would be traffic lights.

All I see from this is a lot of wasted money and time. Our tax dollars and our time. — Michael Frost, Swartz Creek