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I am sitting back in my lounge chair on Sunday night getting ready for the Eagles and Giants football game. We all know turkey day is Thursday and those of us who love to eat, love the Thanksgiving Day feast. The holiday also forces us to have early newspaper deadlines, so I am working diligently to get this in before Monday morning’s deadline. Let’s get to it.

College football in the state of Michigan produced results exactly how they should have. Michigan was ripped up by the Badgers for 354 yards on the ground. It was a more pitiful defense from the worst defense ever seen at the University of Michigan. The Badgers left Ann Arbor with a 48-28 victory. Wisconsin’s only loss all season long was to the Spartans of Michigan State.

The boys of MSU put their fan’s hearts in their throats as they trailed Purdue all game long. However, a fourth-quarter rally kept their amazing season going strong. The Spartans now have to travel to Happy Valley and take care of business against Penn State. A victory assures a share of the Big Ten title. The Spartans better be ready, as Penn State is always tough at home. Oh, if you’re interested, the Wolverines have a rivalry game with OSU. I remember when this was THE GAME. Oh, how I long for the good ole days. Another big game is the Auburn and Alabama game on Friday. I don’t want to miss that one. The NCAA wants the Auburn Tigers to get beat, trust me on that one.

Winged wheels on a roll

Hockey town owns the best record in the NHL at a solid 13-3-2. Dan Cleary is leading the Red Wings with nine goals and the “Mule” Franzen has eight goals. They lead the division and that is not an easy thing to do. Why? All the teams are playing over .500 hockey. How amazing is that one? The last place team over .500. Talk about a tough division. I need to get down to the Joe Louis Arena and watch me a hockey game.

Leftovers anyone?

The Pistons are just the opposite, as they play in a very mediocre division. The Bulls are leading it with a 7-4 record and the Pistons, who occupy the cellar, are 5-8. The five-team division has only two teams over .500. Wow the Pistons might win the division! Just kidding!

I see where Mike Illitch has lowered his $400 million offer to buy the Pistons. Could the Pistons be headed out of the city of Detroit? It could happen. A rumor is a man named Steve Ballamer has tons of money and is interested in the Kings or Hornets. If they are not for sale, he might become a player in the Pistons’ sweepstakes. Stay tuned hoop fans.

Filling the pen

The Tigers picked up a relief pitcher from the Tampa Bay Rays. He is a set up man named Joaquin Benoit. The Tigers signed him to a three-year deal at $16.5 million. Benoit had a 1.34 ERA and opposing teams batted .147 against him. I feel he is a huge addition to the bullpen. A nice roster move by the Tigers, because you can never have enough pitching.

Nap hour

The NFL has three games on turkey day: The Lions and Patriots, the Cowboys and Saints, and the Bengals and Jets. The Lions, Cowboys, and Bengals all have two victories each. My advice? Take a nap and don’t worry about watching these three sorry games. Pass the stuffing, please.

My picks will have made up lines by me, which will be fun, as the odds makers don’t have them out yet. Let’s see how good I am. Roll’em Julio:

New England – 7 over DETROIT
N. Orleans – 3 over DALLAS
N.y.JETS – 9 over Cincinnati
WASHINGTON- 3 over Minnesota
Pittsburgh – 6 over BUFFALO
HOUSTON – 3 over Tennessee
N.Y. GIANTS – 6 over Jacksonville
Tampa Bay + 9 over BALTIMORE
Philadelphia + 3 over CHICAGO
CLEVELAND – 8 over Carolina
ATLANTA – 1 over Green Bay
OAKLAND – 4 over Miami
SEATTLE + 1 over Kansas City
DENVER – 3 over St. Louis
INDIANAPOLIS – 4 over San Diego
San Francisco – 1 over ARIZONA
LAST WEEK 10-4-1 SEASON 82 68-9 LOCK 6-4-1

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