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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The run for the roses is over and a long shot came up the winner once again. Yes, the horse Animal Kingdom, a 23:1 shot crossed the finish line first.

It came as no surprise, as there was no dominant horse in this year’s Kentucky Derby. I stated last week to pick out a long shot and hoped for the best. I got lucky and took the horse Nehro to win, place, and show. He finished second and payed good enough so the Fat Guy could get his money back. I don’t like it when there is no clear cut “stud” of a horse competing for a Triple Crown.

I feel when there is a Triple Crown horse, the general public gets interested in horse racing. Horse racing has been on the decline for a few decades now and it’s a shame. The thoroughbred track in Detroit just closed for the season this past week. There will be no more Pinnacle Race Track in 2011. I personally love watching horses run; they are such a beautiful animal. I wish more people would go to the tracks and support horse racing.

Shark attack

The Detroit Red Wings and the San Jose Sharks are hooked up in epic seven-game series. The boys in the winged wheels were down 3-0 in the series and could have easily been up 3-0. However, the bounce of the puck bounced the Sharks’ way. Detroit won game four and avoided the sweep. I think most hockey fans—me included— thought San Jose would send Detroit to the golf course by winning at home in five games. The Red Wings showed grit and and a will to continue the series by scoring three thirdperiod goals for the victory in game five.

NHL fans know the Sharks’ past history of gagging in the playoffs. Could this be the ultimate gag blowing a 3-0 series lead? Detroit has made it a series and hosted game six Tuesday night. I hope when you read this we have a game seven on Thursday night in San Jose. How exciting will that be? Top notch excitement, I say.

I must rave about the play of goaltender Jimmy Howard in the nets. Jimmy has flat out been nothing short of spectacular. He has kept the Red Wings’ season alive during this San Jose series. Can he win two more games between the pipes for Hockeytown? Yes, he can. The Red Wings’ superstars need to be super these next two games. The odds are definitely stacked against Detroit, as winning four straigth is a tough task.

However, if any team can do it, it’s the Red Wings! Go Wings!


I want to thank the Dallas

Mavericks with all my loving heart for an awesome sweet four-game sweep of the Los Angeles Lakers. I am glad Kobe and company are all done in this year’s NBA Playoffs.

While I am at it, bye bye,

Zen Master Phil Jackson; the most over-rated coach ever.

Why, you ask? He had Jordan and Pippen in Chicago. He coached Kobe and Shaq in L.A. I would call that a very good collection of basketball talent. I could name 20 coaches who could have won titles with the talent Phil has coached. Throw in the fact he is a cry baby and I say, good riddance.

I hope Dallas wins the whole thing now. Who is the Dallas Mavericks coach? It’s one Rick Carlisle who wasn’t good enough to be the Detroit Pistons coach. The Mavericks totally dominated the Lakers to the degree that I feel L.A. will make big changes this coming off season. Stay tuned.

No hitter

The Tigers’ Justin Verlander tossed a no hitter on Saturday afternoon. Justin has now thrown two no hitters in the Ole English D uniform. When Verlander is dealing, he can be just nasty, filthy…any of those can be applied.

The starting pitching has been really good these last few weeks. I like that Austin Jackson is coming out of his slump. The lead off guy needs to be on the base paths in order for the big boys to drive in runs. Scott Sizemore has taken over second base and looks like he wants to stay in the big leagues.

Anyone who needs a new car call 1-800-Ohio State University. Ask for Jim Tressell. No questions asked.

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