A light unto thy path

FLINT TWP. — ATIGroup Energy & Systems Solutions of Flushing is the winning bidder for a project to install path lighting on the Genesee Valley Trail, as a beautification and crime prevention measure.

The township board accepted the $6,000 bid for installation of solar-powered lighting on the trail from the Graham Road bridge in each direction. The lighting fixtures will be mounted on 16-foot treated lumber poles, buried four feet deep and secured with concrete. Twenty will be installed, ten on each side of the bridge, spaced 60 feet apart.

The LED ambient lights will be purchased from a local electrical supplier and installed by a licensed electrical company. Labor and materials will be warranted for one year.

Clerk Kim Courts said that three bids were received for the project. It is funded by Community Development Block Grant Funds and must comply with all federal standards.

The Genesee Valley Trail is an unlighted, non-motorized asphalt pathway built along the abandoned track bed or the former Canadian National railroad. It is about 3 miles long, extending from Corunna Road near Ballenger Highway to the police station on Norko Drive. It is used by bikers, runners and walkers and is officially open from sunrise to sunset April 1 to December 1.

Township Supervisor Karyn Miller reported that construction has begun to link the eastern end of the trail to the City of Flint portion, which also follows the abandoned CN railroad line from Corunna and Ballenger and ends at Chevy Commons – the redevelopment of the Chevy in the Hole factory site into a park and green space. A long range goal is to connect the trail to downtown Flint, according to the 2014 Genesee County Regional Non-Motorized Plan.

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