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A little ditty about personalized plates



A freelance photographer who frequently shoots for our sports department recently sent me photos of Mini Coopers from around the country and some of the unusual and unique personalized license plates found on them.

You know what a Mini Cooper is, right? One of those little cars Edward Norton and Mark Wahlberg drove really fast in the 2003 movie “The Italian Job.” It was a fun little collection of cars and plates, which I thought I’d share here in my column.

BULLDGZ — The Mini Cooper was originally built in Great Britain, so this little Mini is painted up in regal British colors and like the British favorite, an English Bulldog, its small but tough.

MNIPENY — Another British reference I believe, in homage to the ever loyal and faithful secretary of the director of MI6 in the James Bond series — Miss Moneypenny.

GET MUD — On a Jeep or truck I could see this one, but on a Mini Cooper? I’m not picturing a Mini out mud-bogging or tooling around offroad. But it’s still a cute plate.

FUN FR2 —Yes, you won’t be fitting more than two people in that Mini Cooper. Unless, of course, it’s a clown car. And while they aren’t exactly my cup of tea, I guess you could call a Mini fun.

MNIBEE — A yellow and black Mini Cooper does look a little like a bumble bee.

SPY C4R — I don’t really get the whole “spy car” thing. I mean, I doubt James Bond would drive a Mini Cooper unless it was completely tricked out by Q before he took it out for a spin. An Aston Martin, definitely, but not so much on a Mini.

MR SHFTR — Mr. Shifter? Must be a stick shift. OK, I’ll admit, I never learned how to drive a stick so this would not be the plate (or car) for me. Yes, I know, learning to drive a stick is considered a “manly” thing but I was raised on automatics so I never had the chance.

MINI JIM — Just because your car is a Mini Cooper doesn’t mean you should also be called Mini. I would not want to be known as Mini Jim, just saying.

MINILUV — Mini love must be what you have when you don’t have much love to give. That’s kind of sad. Or possibly this is the way Mini Jim shows his love, in little doses.

CHEERS — This plate really has nothing to do with a Mini Cooper, but it is a great way to pull this column to an end. To all of you Mini Cooper owners, and especially to those with personalized plates, I offer you cheers and salutations. Or maybe Cheers is a reference to that place where everybody knows your name.

Regardless, this concludes another personalized license plate report and what will be the last of 2014. Thank you Andy Novajosky for the great Mini Coopers and their personalized plates. ggould@mihomepaper.com

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