A look at NBA draft results and why I’ll be eating extra pie this Thanksgiving

Fat Guy Corner



The fat guy is out of the woods. A shutout was tossed as far as seeing any horns for deer season so far. The bucks tossed a shutout much like the Detroit Tigers do hitting wise on the baseball field. I will say, the peaceful and quiet environment in the woods is priceless. Heck, it could be a Mastercard commercial. I would not trade it for anything in the world as it is a time to think and reflect. The season is not over, so maybe a little luck is still in the fat guy’s fortune.

The Thanksgiving Holiday has forced early deadlines so no football picks this week or results from this Sunday’s games.

Instead, let’s look at the NBA Draft, which was conducted this week. It’s so odd considering it’s usually at the end of June. The No. 1 pick held by the Minnesota Timberwolves drafted Anthony Edwards, a shooting guard out of Georgia. The Timberwolves, I believe, received a real good basketball player and picked the right player. He is what I consider a safe pick. He should not be a bust in my opinion.

The No. 2 pick by the Golden State Warriors selected James Wiseman a 7’1 center from Memphis. James fits the Warriors team needs perfect. A player with size, strength and a strong interior enforcer. James can also finish around the basket.

The Charlotte Hornets, with the third pick, went with LaMelo Ball. The Charlotte Hornets, of course, also selected his controversial father and loud mouth opinions. I say, good luck to Charlotte and I’ll leave it at that. I think LaMelo is a good player but too many variables come with him.

The hometown Detroit Pistons picking at No. 7 went with Killian Hayes. Hey, we can all drink to Killian, can’t we? Kilian comes from France and is a guard. I can say, I know nothing about him but here is a little taste of what the scouts say. “Killian has a strong left hand and a very weak right hand.” I don’t like that he is one-handed on the basketball court as a guard. The most alarming thing is Mr. Hayes turns it over one out of every four times down the court. I can tell you, he won’t be in the league long if he does not clean up that part of his game. The Pistons were weak in the back court, so they drafted a need for sure. Let’s hope he works out in Motown. We sure don’t need another Darko!

The Michigan State Spartans had two players selected in the second round of the NBA Draft. The first one selected was Xavier Tillman, who was selected by Sacramento with the 35th pick. The Kings then traded Xavier to Memphis.

I believe Xavier is going to a good, young and up and coming basketball team in Memphis. I think he will play significant minutes on the floor in Memphis. The next Spartan selected was Cassius Winston by Oklahoma City at number 53. Cassius was then traded to the Washington Wizards. I think Cassius will make the roster in Washington, because the Wizards are not a great basketball team. I loved Winston on the court at MSU and I hope he makes the Wizards basketball team. I am rooting for you Cassius Winston.

The NFL Thanksgiving Day line-up has two horrible games and one fantastic game. The Lions will kick off at 12:30 p.m. against the lowly Houston Texans. The best part of this news is most people will be eating turkey rather than suffering through this debacle. The next game is Washington at Dallas with a 4:30 p.m. kickoff. If you’re eating a late turkey dinner you are one lucky person. This game is a bigger debacle then the Lions game.

The late night kickoff at 8:20 p.m. will be a dandy of a football game. The Baltimore Ravens will travel to Pittsburgh to play the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers (if they defeat Jacksonville on Sunday). I say, have a slice of pumpkin pie and whipped cream (my favorite) and enjoy what should be a great football game between two division rivals. I can tell you, there is no love lost between these two teams. I think I’ll have another slice of pie for the second half. I want you all to enjoy your Thanksgiving! I can be reached at thefatguy@mihomepaper.com.