A look at some of the races in the Aug. 5 primary election

Allen D. Hardwick

Allen D. Hardwick

Michigan’s 5th Congressional District

Republicans Allen D. Hardwick of Davison and Tom Whitmire of Flushing will square off in the Aug. 5 primary for the Republican nomination for Michigan’s 5th Congressional seat, currently held by incumbent Dan Kildee (D-Flint). Kildee is unopposed in the primary.

Whitmire did not respond to our questionnaire.

Allen D. Hardwick

Age: 50

Hometown: Born in Ypsilanti, MI, Raised in Whitmore Lake, MI and Bainbridge, OH. Recently moved to Davison.

Family: Spouse: Lynn Hardwick; Children: James Hardwick, Patrick Hardwick, Courtani Hardwick, Adam Hardwick, Elisha Hardwick

Education: High School Graduate – Paint Valley High School, Bainbridge, OH; Trade School Graduate – Pickaway-Ross VoTech – Apprentice Electrician – Class of 1981

Kyle Cawood

Kyle Cawood

Employment: Owner and sole proprietor of Computech Computer Services since 2000, Prior owner and sole proprietor of NetWorks Web Design.

Previous political experience: None

What qualities do you offer if elected?: True representation in Washington with focus on lowering fuel prices and bringing job growth back to the district. Reducing the reach of the EPA that is putting so many restrictions on farming. Currently Flint is on the same path as Detroit and if we make this area more profitable for business growth this course can be reversed. More jobs and job opportunities will result in lower crime rates and more prosperity.

Sum up the issues in your own words: What the district is facing is what most everyone is. Cost of living is growing much faster than incomes. Good jobs are hard to find and people are not able to keep their standard of living much less get ahead and plan for their future.

I plan on reducing government over reach and ease restriction on businesses so they can be more profitable and create more jobs here instead of other countries. Reduce or eliminate our dependency on foreign oil and use our own natural resources to their fullest potential. Lower the cost of energy and everything else will follow.

Michigan’s State House of Representatives, 49th District

Phil Phelps of Flushing and Kyle Cawood of Flint will vie Aug. 5 for the Democratic nomination to run for the 49th District House race in November. The winner of the primary race will face-off with Republican LuPenton of Flint, who is unopposed in the primary.

Phelps did not respond to our questionnaire. Here’s what Cawood had to say on the View’s election questionnaire.

Kyle Cawood

Age: 32

Hometown: Flint

Family: Divorced, 3 children, ages 4, 9, 13.

Education: AA, AS, AGS, and AAS Business at Mott Community College, pursuing BSN at University of Michigan Flint

Employment: Hurley Medical Center, Social Security Administration, PESG

Previous political experience: Primary candidate for 49th State House 2010, Mott Board of Trustees candidate 2011.

What qualities do you offer if elected?: I hope to inspire constituents to be active within the community, to spur growth and innovation from within.

What do you think the most important issues are facing voters in your district?

Employment at a livable wage/Social Programs, education, more funding support, invest in our future, veteran’s benefits administration. Michigan ranked 53rd behind Puerto Rico and Guam

Sum up the issues in your own words: I will be active in community projects and events, while pushing legislation that will aid our needs and recovery. — G.G.

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