A sampling of more vanity plates

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Gary Gould — Managing Editor

Writing about vanity plates I see out on the roads around the area has become sort of a shtick for me over the past couple years. It is fun and sometimes takes a lot of work for my minions and I.

My minions would be, well, my girlfriend Anita, who helps me write down and keep track of the many vanity plates we find out there (thanks hun!). Other times I get a little help with an e-mail or phone call from someone who saw a funny license plate and wanted to share it with me for the column.

Here’s a collection of some of the plates we’ve recently seen and taken note of in the area:

LUV SUMR — Lot of people like to show their love via a license plate. This person is apparently rather fond of “summer.” I have yet to see one that says “LUV WNTR” — but I’m pretty sure some snowmobiler or snowboarder out there has one.

POM LUVR — From the car belonging to someone who is either the parent of a pom pon team member, or someone who has one of those adorable little yappy dogs.

BWHNTR — I’m thinking this may belong to a “bowhunter.” Quite possibly Ted Nugent was passing through the area when we saw this one, or the lead character from “The Hunger Games.”

TONKA — Guy with a big truck? That makes sense. I’ve seen other versions of this so it’s not real original — but it makes its point.

PHAT AL — Back in the day, we watched a cartoon Saturday mornings about “Fat Albert.” But this Al considers himself “phat” which, according to the urbandictionary.com, is another word for “cool.” So now I know what happened to Fat Albert when he grew up — hey, hey, hey!

UR2TENZ — My friend Cindy Childs of Childs Veterinary Clinic in Davison sent me this one. I think she was trying to tell me this was the plate I needed for my own car because yes, there are days when this describes me perfectly. Thanks Cindy for the great plate.

SANCALI — I was passed by a blue Jeep Cherokee the other day which brandished this plate. I’m going to take a guess — SAN is for San Francisco and CALI if for

California. Must be a transplant here to Michigan who misses home.

2FOUR7 — At first I didn’t get this one. Was it a cryptic message about a sale at Kroger “buy two for seven dollars” or perhaps someone with an affinity for the 247 area code (which is in Wisconsin, by the way). But no, I ran it through the Urban Dictionary and discovered it means 24/7 or 24 hours, seven days a week. Very clever!

My last entry for this column is, I believe, AFL4C. Now I may have that wrong, because I haven’t seen it personally, but a very nice woman who works for the Aflac Insurance Company has cornered me at least twice now at public events and has told me I needed to include her plate in my column. So there it is.

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