A trip back in time…sort of



We attended the 37th Annual Michigan Renaissance Festival in the Holly-area this past weekend and found it to be an enjoyable experience as always.

OK, I have to admit there was one trip to the Ren Fest I took several years ago that wasn’t so fun. It was the time I took my family there and got lost in the village amid a crowd of thousands.

Unable to find our way to the parking area I stopped to ask several vendors for direction. Big mistake. The vendors were in character and refused to acknowledge the question: “can you tell me how to find the parking area?”

“What? Parking? For what purpose my lord,” one vendor asked. “Why would you want to leave this beautiful village?”

I don’t know, maybe because I’ve got two tired children who are ready to go home and I don’t have time for your shenanigans. I moved on, asking other vendors for directions, each time receiving similar questions. Finally, on the verge of grabbing a sword out of a display case and using it on the next “in character” actor I came across, someone finally realized my frustration and showed me the way to where my car was parked.

This year wasn’t like that, but it was filled with a lot of fun and we saw many events I’ve yet to experience at the Ren Fest.

The comedy shows are always a blast, that is, of course, if you like “dumb funny” humor, as Anita calls it. The Mud Show was exceptionally funny, watching two grown men tell teenage-like jokes while taking pratfalls into a pool of mud. Dumb, yes. Funny, extremely, at least it was for me.

There was also a fire show with a guy who swung some bolos around and used an admittedly fake Spanish accent. He was also very entertaining, but the inappropriate jokes got to be a bit much, which leads me to believe I am losing my teenage sense of humor, finally, after all these years.

The jousting competition was fun too. And there was a Birds of Prey show with various birds used in hunting, like hawks, owls and falcons.

What I think I find the most entertaining at the Renaissance Festival is the people. I’m talking about the hundreds of people who come dressed in costume to roam the village grounds. There was a man dressed as Shrek the ogre, there were pirates, wizards, elves (who apparently must have silver, pink or purple hair), fairies (who like to put on a lot of glitter and temporary face tattoos) and there was even a guy in a Superman suit, which was completely out of place, but more power to him — if you’re going to wear a costume, may as well be Superman.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find my way to the parking area without any help, except for Anita’s magical ability to guide me when I’m lost — which happens way more often than I care to mention. We’ll leave my trip to Comerica Park a couple years ago unmentioned beyond this, except to say that it was the trip I came to refer to Anita as my APS unit, because she was better at directions to get me home than a GPS. ggould@mihomepaper.com

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