Active Boys in Christ holds silent auction to benefit programs

FLINT — Active Boys in Christ, a non-profit youth organization based in Flint, is conducting an online silent auction to raise funds for its educational and skilled trades programs.

From now until Sept. 8, Active Boys in Christ will be offering bids on four utility sheds that were built by youth in its summer camp program. The sheds, which are 4×8 in dimension, have been equipped with electrical and plumbing, along with vinyl flooring, handwashing sinks and windows.

During the month of July, Active Boys in Christ held its fourth annual Skilled Trades Program for youth ages 7 through 18. Over 50 local boys and girls worked in teams to construct four mini utility sheds from the ground up, all while receiving guidance from adult volunteers.

In addition to learning carpentry and building skills, campers received one-on-one culinary instruction from an executive chef, who came up every Wednesday during the camp to teach the kids how to prepare a menu and cook their own food.

Derrick Watkins, a master electrician and Flint area pastor who founded Active Boys in Christ in 2017, said that the skilled trades program taught kids how to work together and learn essential character traits like honesty, forgiveness, compassion and self-control.

“Our purpose is to educate inner city youth with skilled trades and life application skills,” he said. “We want to give them good, quality tools that they can apply to their lives to be successful.”

Active Boys in Christ, also known as ABC Youth, empowers Flint community youth and families through skilled trades, culinary and life-skills programs. The organization promotes skilled trades programs in the summer months and utilizes tutoring sessions for youth from October to May.

All proceeds from the online auction will be reinvested back into the Active Boys in Christ organization for supplies and future projects. To bid on a shed, visit