Against the odds, Mickelson wins PGA Championship, NBA predictions and lots of MLB no hitters

Fat Guy Corner



How about “Lefty” Mickelson winning the PGA Championship! Let’s chalk one up for us old folks who play golf! I can positively say, nobody could have predicted Phil winning a major golf championship at 50 years old.

I know the boys in Vegas didn’t think he could win since he went off at odds of 200 to 1. The last golfer to win at such odds was Louis Oosthuizen at the Open in 2010 when he was 200 to 1. The fact Louis finished tied for second with Brooks Koepka has some irony in it since they both chased Phil on Sunday.

Phil became the oldest golfer to claim a major championship victory. The “Lefty” last won a major in the year 2013 and his win this weekend was his sixth major. I will say, Phil had great moments and terrible moments on Sunday but in the end, he got the victory. What makes the win so special in my eyes was he defeated father time along with all those young and talented golfers. I say, congrats Phil from all of us who are 50+ in age and still hit the links!

The NHL Playoffs round one series are still in progress and some are finished. The fat guy predictions of Boston and Colorado moving into round two were spot on. The Edmonton Oilers are eliminated and it was a sweep by Winnipeg, which shocked me. I picked Edmonton and the cheeseball let me down in that selection. The Florida Panthers trail Tampa Bay 3-2 at the time of me writing this. I want to say, it’s been an entertaining series to watch offensively but it’s also been some very dirty hockey on the ice. I do not like dirty hockey and cheap shots. The New York Islanders and Vegas Golden Knights are also both up 3-2 in their series. I have watched a lot of the Pittsburgh and New York series and it’s been a tremendous hockey series. The first round should be over for all teams by the end of this week and round two will be ready for the puck drop.

The NBA Playoffs first round are in full swing finally. The NBA play-in games was the dumbest move ever by the NBA. I say, talk about watered down non-excitement. I literally didn’t watch one dribble of it. The normal first round of NBA Playoffs stink as the top seeds always advance.

The Western Conference matchups look like this: Utah/ Memphis, Dallas/L.A. Clippers, Denver/ Portland and Phoenix/L.A. Lakers.

The fat guy predictions shake up like a magic eight ball. I like Utah, Dallas, Denver and Phoenix all to advance in the Western Conference.

The Eastern Conference matchups look like this: Philadelphia/Washington, Atlanta/New York Knicks, Milwaukee/ Miami and Brooklyn/Boston. The shake of the fat guy’s magic eight ball sees these teams advancing in the Eastern Conference: Philadelphia, New York Knicks, Milwaukee, and Brooklyn. Let’s get to round two where at least the games are entertaining and worth watching.

The parade of no hitters in MLB here in 2021 included Spencer Turnbull of the our beloved Detroit Tigers. The fifth no hitter tossed this year was thrown by Spencer against the Seattle Mariners. Oh, and this is the second time in a month Seattle has been no hit. How about the fact Spencer had never pitched past the seventh inning in any of his starts? He also tossed a career high 117 pitches. I watched the last two innings of this pitching gem. It was a masterful performance on the mound by Spencer Turnbull. I say, congrats Spencer from all us Tiger fans. How about another no hitter tossed by Corey Kluber the very next night by the Yankees pitcher. A total of six no hitters so far here in 2021! I say, come on hitters bust out the bats!

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