Agreeing to disagree on Pete Rose saga

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The holiday season is here and that means early deadlines. Tis the season that this week the Fat Guy won’t have to make NFL picks. I believe this to be a good thing due to the fact I have basically stunk all season long. It’s my worst year ever, actually, since I started doing the Fat Guy’s corner in 2003! I will bounce back in 2016.

The Lions played Monday night in New Orleans after this column went to press early for the holiday deadlines. This game had to look appetizing to ESPN when the schedule first came out. However, it’s about as appetizing as as my wife’s cooking. She does not read this so I can get away with this statement. I just hope the Lions didn’t embarrass themselves in front of the entire NFL on Monday night. My prediction as of Sunday’s deadline was Saints Go Marching 34 and Bring Back 1957 Please 30.

On the outside looking in

Pete Rose took another shot to the groin in his bid to be reinstated to MLB. Bart Giamatti threw Pete out of baseball as commissioner long ago. The next two who followed — Fay Vincent and Bud Selig — also closed the door on Charlie Hustle. This time Pete pled his case to new commish Rob Manfred last week with high hopes of reinstatement to baseball. I personally thought Pete had a legit chance this time around, too. Wrong! Rob decided to let the ban stand. I feel as though Pete Rose will never see the Hall of Fame while he is alive. I don’t know where most of you stand on the Pete Rose issue, however, I do have a strong opinion on it. First of all, I know Pete Rose was his own worst enemy with all his lying and denials. I also know Pete Rose is an arrogant donkey and a cocky person. Pete Rose gambled on baseball and gambled heavily on baseball. The evidence was overwhelming and 100 percent documented. I just think it’s time to lift the punishment and reinstate him. Let’s be honest, too. With all the other players who get free passes for numerous other crimes and are still allowed in, the game is a bit hypocritical. Josh Hamilton comes to my mind as an example. Pete Rose played the game clean and is the all-time hits leader. I say let the on-the-field accomplishments take precedent in this Pete Rose saga. This topic could be debated for hours and hours by baseball fans. Let’s be brutally honest, though. Gambling has become an accepted part of society for some time now. The NFL with no gambling would be worth only half of what it is worth currently; trust me on that.

Pete Rose, I don’t agree with everything you say but you belong in baseball and the Hall of Fame. Let the arguing begin. I would love to hear some of your thoughts out there readers.

Too many bowl games

The college bowl season begins with an over abundance of bowl games to watch. The overkill of bowl games has diminished the quality of football games. I mean, it’s brutal that San Jose and Minnesota are 5-7 and playing in a bowl game. It’s darn laughable to me as a college football fan. I love college football and I don’t want to watch 50 percent of these games, to be honest.

However, you know people will be watching for two reasons. The one reason is their team is playing in the game. The second reason is you’re in a bowl pool. I am in four of them. Or, you are gambling on the football game. I guess whatever the case is, I hope you win and all the teams you have selected win! I will say football burnout can occur over the next two weeks!

I say go Georgia State, Georgia Southern, Nevada, and Appalachian State! How many of you knew those four teams were in a bowl game? My point exactly!

I want to take the time to wish all of you a Happy Holidays and safe travels during this holiday season.

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