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The NHL playoffs have provided action galore and some intense hockey. The Detroit Red Wings went into Boston and won game one. Big No. 13, Pavel Datsyuk, provided the game winner with an awesome goal. Boston, of course, won game two, 4-1. Boston came out with fire and dominated the Red Wings. I knew that was going to be the end result. Boston didn’t accumulate the most points in the NHL by accident.

Detroit came home with the series tied up one game apiece. Tuesday night was game three and tonight will be game four. I think winning both home games is a must for the Red Wings. Detroit stole home-ice advantage and it needs to keep it.

I thought Jimmy Howard was fabulous in game one. Jimmy’s performance in game two was not so stellar. Howard needs to play like game one and not like game two. He is THE key to winning this series; make no mistake about that. Boston is just bigger and more physical than our Red Wings.

Detroit, though, has shown it has more speed than the Bruins. Detroit is faster to the puck than Boston. But the Detroit power play is awful so far. Special teams play for Detroit, especially the power play, needs to be sharper. I feel as though the Red Wings can win this series after watching the first two games. However, I stick by my pick of Boston to defeat the Wings.

Here are some other playoff surprises. The San Jose Sharks are absolutely man handling the L.A. Kings. How about the Sharks scoring six goals in game one and seven goals in game two?! I did not see that coming at all.

Montreal smoked the Tampa Bay Lightning, sweeping the series, 4-0. Poor Stevie Y’s club just stunk up the playoffs. I will say I hope the Columbus Blue Jackets can eliminate the Pittsburgh Penguins.

One other series shocker is the St. Louis Blues up 2-0 on the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks. How about the hit Brent Seabrook put on David Backes? He deserved the threegame suspension the NHL administered. It was one dirty elbow to the head and totally uncalled for. There is nothing better than the NHL playoffs! Let’s Go, Hockey Town! The Joe will be rocking this week that is a for sure!

Burning mad

The Detroit Tigers have already released shortstop Alex Gonzalez. Why does this irritate me? It’s because basically the Tigers traded away Steve Lombardozzi for absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing, I scream at the top of my lungs! The Tigers said they didn’t like the range he was showing at shortstop. Hey, dumb Tigers scouting department, he is 37 years old for cripe’s sake. Who made this wise move, I ask? Alex’s range should have been a factor when you traded for him! Duh! Danny Worth should have made the club out of spring training.

If Danny Worth is not the guy to fill the spot than release him. Danny Worth has been in this organization for a while now. I will also say this to Danny Worth: Here is your golden chance to prove you belong in the “Bigs.” Danny, prove you’re ‘Worth It;” pun intended with that one by the way. The Detroit Tigers want you to end their search for a shortstop. The bullpen is still a mess as far as I am concerned. I will say Joe Nathan has looked better, but he is no lock to close out a game cleanly one, two, three, ever. When he comes in start chewing on your nails Tigers fans.

Miguel Cabrera is off to a slow start at the plate, too. I am not worried about Miggy though and you shouldn’t be either. Miggy will get it going here soon.

The American League Central division is a jumbled up mess here early in April. I think it will be for a few months. Baseball season is here and I am loving it.

From the Fat Guy’s mouth

The Kentucky Derby is only two weeks away, so next week, the Fat Guy will be giving out some Kentucky Derby winners. I want to make sure all you horse racing fans don’t miss next week’s article. The fastest two minutes in sports is such an exciting thing to watch. I will do the handicapping for you.

Snooze control

I am really struggling to get into the NBA playoffs here in the first round. The Eastern Conference is just so terrible, I can’t watch it! The Western Conference is at least worth watching. I hope round two livens me up some. I usually love the NBA playoffs.

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