Alward thanks Grand Blanc for supporting student achievements



On behalf of Grand Blanc Community Schools, I would like to properly and officially thank the City of Grand Blanc for creating a visual representation of the pride our community has in our students and their recent achievements.

The City recently commissioned a beautiful mural on Jewett Trail to commemorate those achievements just in time for our Homecoming celebration.

It is a symbol that students are able to see day after day to remind them of the reward of hard work and perseverance and the immense support they have from our beloved community.

Thank you to our City Council, Wendy Jean- Buhrer, City Manager, Sue Soderstrom, Mayor, and the entire staff at the City of Grand Blanc. Thank you to the Flint Public Art Project and the talented artists who created this inspirational piece. Thank you to the students, staff and coaches who worked so hard to receive these honors and thank you to the support systems of those students, be they family or friends, who make their participation possible and cheer them on to victory.

It is a wonderful and caring community in which we live, work and attend school. We look forward to working together for many years to come. Success comes in all forms, and we know that each student has different dreams, goals, abilities and talents. Our job here is to provide the nurturing that brings them their own brand of success in school and eventually in life.

So, thank you for being a part of the magic that is Grand Blanc and contributing to a positive culture here at Grand Blanc Community Schools. We continue to strive every day to meet and exceed the expectations of our students and community and take immense pride in all of the successes along the way.

We were able to bring together some of our award-winning teams during our recent Homecoming festivities, so we are including a photo that was taken at the Homecoming Parade. — Dr. Trevor Alward, Superintendent, Grand Blanc Community Schools