An overview of political races in Genesee County for the Nov. 3 election

GENESEE COUNTY — Heading to the polls Nov. 3? Or do you still need to submit your absentee ballot to your local clerk’s office? If you still need to vote here is a brief overview of who’s running for offices in Genesee County.


48th District: Sheryl Kennedy (D) and David Martin (R).

49th District: John Cherry (D) and Bryan Lutz (R).

50th District: Tim Sneller (D) and Christina Fitchett-Hickson (R).

51st District: Brad May (D) and Mike Mueller (R).


Sheriff: Chris Swanson (D) and Stephen Sanford (R).

Clerk: John Gleason (D) and Jesse Couch (R).

Treasurer: Deborah Cherry (D) and Deborah Hoss (R).

3rd District County Commission: Ellen Ellenburg (D) and Gary Goetzinger (R).

5th District County Commission: Mark Young (D) and Sean Trowbridge (R).

7th District County Commission: Martin Cousineau (D) and Meredith Davis (R).

8th District County Commission: Deborah Newman (D) and Rod Shumaker (R).

9th District County Commission: Gary Peppin (D) and Matthew Smith (R).


Atlas Township Supervisor: Justin Folts (D) and Shirley Kautman-Jones (R).

Clayton Township Trustees (vote for not more than 4): Greg Childers (D), Tamara Kapraun (D), Mike Crockett (D), Brad Anthony (R) and Shelley Thompson (R).

Davison Township Supervisor: Tim Elkins (D) and Jim Slezak (R).

Davison Township Clerk: (Noble Hart II (D) and Mary Miller (R).

Davison Township Treasurer: Patrick Miller (D) and Tim Green (R).

Davison Township Trustees (vote for no more than 2): Mo Aboneaaj (D), Dave Humphrey (D), Matthew Karr (R) and Lori Tallman (R).

Flint Township Trustees (vote for not more than 4): Debbe Campbell (D), Tom Klee (D), Carol Pfaff Dahl (D), Barb Vert (D) and David Huffman (R).

Flushing Township Trustees (vote for not more than 4): Jenifer Almassy (D), Bill Bain (R), Linda Minarik (R), William Westenbarger (R) and Sharilynn Willette (R).

Gaines Township Supervisor: Lee Purdy (D), Paul Fortino (R) and Chuck Melki (NP).

Gaines Township Clerk: Karen Hawkins (D), Michael Dowler (NP) and Scarlett Oden (NP).

Gaines Township Treasurer: Diane Hyrman (D) and Todd Bishop (NP).

Gaines Township Trustees (vote for no more than 2): Rodney Fowler (D), Leslie W. Casto (R), Jill Rohner (NP) Michael VanDusen (NP).

Grand Blanc Township Treasurer: Mark Kilmer (D) and Larry Anderson (R).

Grand Blanc Township Trustees: Sarah Hugo (D), Joe Massey (D), Jude Rariden (D), Paul J. White (D), Christopher Estes (R), Joel Feick (R), Jay Johnson (R) and Ryan Thompson (R).

Mundy Township Trustees (vote for not more than 4): Greg Dietrich (D), Mark T. Gorton (D), Kimberly Jimenez (D), Debra Ridley (D) and Kyle V. Ward (R).

Richfield Township Supervisor: Joe Madore (D) and Tim Candela (R).

Richfield Township Treasurer: Kim Dowrie (D) and Matt Morris (R).

Richfield Township Trustees: Keith Pyles (D), Gerald Masters (D), Sherry Marden (R) and Scott Natzke (R).


7th District Circuit Court Judge (Non- Incumbent): Chris Christensen and Herman Marable, Jr.

67-2B Judge of the District Court (Incumbent Position): Jessica Hammon and Dawn Weier.

67-5A Judge of the District Court (Non-Incumbent Position): Torchio Feaster and Tabitha Marsh


Davison City Mayor: Tim Bishop and James Hansen

Swartz Creek City Council (vote for not more than 3): Dennis W. Cramer, Samantha A. Fountain, John A. Gilbert and David A. Krueger.

Goodrich Village Council (vote for not more than 3): James L. Moore, Sherry Ann Moore, Melissa Schluentz, Edmond Simeone and Keith Walworth.


Atherton (vote for not more than 3): Scott Hynes, Tim Shorkey, Sandra Talbot and Jason B. Waisanen.

Bendle (vote for not more than 3): Deborah S. Dunsmore, Bard N. Scott, John Stanke and Rodney Winters.

Bentley (vote for not more than 4): Katrina Bailey, Toby Jean Bauldry, Cheryl Blosser, Kevin W. Burge and Ty Burt.

Carman-Ainsworth (vote for not more than 2): Waymond M. Beavers, James B. Johnson and Todd W. Miller.

Davison (vote for not more than 3): Mike Demas, Nicholas D. Goyette, Elizabeth A. Guzak, Mark A. McGlashen, Stefanie M. Pickell, Kyle R. Robinson, Granger Stefanko, Kathleen L. Sudia and Barry Young.

Flushing (vote for not more than 3): Sal Ausiello, Wendie Dillehay, Eddie R. Dolgan, Kim Strnad and Peter Weinrauch.

Grand Blanc (vote for not more than 2): James Avery Jr., Amy Facchinello, Jay Hoffman and Joe Johnson.

Kearsley (vote for not more than 3): Chad L. Boggs, Kelly K. Fenner, DesRae A. Joubran, Robert Ploof Jr. and Lanny Valentine.

Swartz Creek (vote for not more than 4): Michael Ahearne, Jason Bennett, Justus Brown, Carla Cordonnier Smith, Leah Davis, Carrie Germain, Jessica Lanave, Michael Ovsenik and John M. Sayer.

Flushing Community Schools Operating Millage Renewal – vote yes or no

Flushing Community Schools Building and Site Sinking Fund Millage Extension Proposal – vote yes or no