Annual rabies clinic coming to Animal Control

FLINT — Genesee County Animal Control, Citizens for Animal Rescue and Emergencies, Humane Society of Genesee County and Saginaw Valley Veterinarians Association are joining together for the 2011 Rabies Clinic.

The clinic is 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Feb. 26 at Animal Control, G-4351 W. Pasadena Ave.

The cost of the rabies shot is $8. It is also required to purchase a license at the time of the shot. Licensing fees are $10 if the animal is spayed/neutered and $20 if they are not. The owner must bring the spay/neuter certificate from the vet with them to the clinic.

If owners have already purchased a license, but would like to get a rabies shot, please show proof of the license before the rabies shot is given.

All dogs four months and older are required by state law to be licensed, and the cut-off date for licensing is Feb. 28. Cats and ferrets are also able to have their rabies shot given at the clinic, but they must be contained. The clinic is open to Genesee County residents only.

Straw will also be available for dog houses, but only one bag per family. Only cash is accepted for the rabies shots.

Licenses may be paid by check made out to Genesee County Treasurer. — N.B.

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