Another 4th quarter roar!

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The Kardiac Kats! How many times can I call the Detroit Lions that here in 2016? The Lions and Matt Stafford completed their eighth fourth-quarter comeback. I know many Lions fans probably are under the belief that a three-point victory over the Chicago Bears at home was not impressive. I would also have to share that thought.

What I will say though, is over the past five or six decades the Lions would have “spit the bit” (horse racing term) in this game and suffered a horrendous defeat. For whatever reason, the Lions are finding ways to win and the fans are rallying around this team. I know this team still has its share of doubters and history proves there should be doubters. I feel as though this team is a different set of football players. The confidence is growing every week and it shows.

The Lions played horrible football on Sunday against the Bears, yet found a way to win the football game. The Lions can show the entire NFL, and Lions fans, that they are a legitimate playoff football team with a victory over the New York Giants on the road. The next week they will get a Monday night game in Big D against the Cowboys for the entire football world to witness. The bottom line is, Detroit still controls its destiny for the playoffs.

The Green Bay Packers feel as though they can run the table with games against the Bears, Vikings and Lions. If that is the case it will set up a January 1 showdown at Ford Field between the Packers and Lions for a NFC North title. I think Ford Field will be rocking if this scenario plays out. The Packers and Vikings game will eliminate one of those teams from division title aspirations. The Detroit Lions have not won a division title since 1993! Yes, the math says that’s 23 years since a division title.

The national media is still all about the Packers and that is annoying me. Come on, media, give the Lions some national love. I guess maybe the Lions have to earn some love and a win over the Giants will start the love.

The injury to Matt Stafford’s middle finger on his throwing hand scares me some. Matt will have to wear a glove on his throwing hand, so let’s see if it affects him throwing the football next week. The Lions have the playoffs in their sights and only the Lions can keep themselves out of the playoffs. I say, Lions, let’s get a home playoff game and create some playoff excitement in the Motor City!

Rewarding mediocrity?

The college bowl season will begin Saturday with five bowl games on tap. If you love college football the next month is awesome because of some great college bowl games. The other side of the field is that there are some horrible college bowl games not worth turning the television on to watch.

There are just way too many bowl games and it’s become more watered down than Niagara Falls. The 6-6 teams and even a few teams under 6-6 records are in bowls. Come on. A .500 football team is playing in a bowl? I guess we do now live in a society where mediocrity is rewarded and everyone gets a participation trophy. I don’t want to see a .500 football team in a bowl game. Heck, Saturday features four teams at 6-6 and in one game they play each other. The 6-6 Central Michigan team will play Tulsa in the Miami Beach Bowl at 2:30 p.m. The Tulsa is 9-3 and CMU will have its hands full. I will be rooting for the Fire Up Chips but I see a Tulsa victory. I love the bowl season but I will only watch the good games this season for sure. Let’s quit rewarding mediocrity!

Sharing the love

The Lions have consumed me lately but the Detroit Pistons and Detroit Red Wings are also playing hoops and hockey. Heck, let’s not forget college hoops. The Pistons currently are at 13-13 and would be in the playoffs. If they started today we’d be having the .500 team thing again.

The Red Wings are 13-12-4 and middle of the pack in the division and out of the playoffs if they started today. Michigan is at 7-3 and the Spartans at 7-4 but have played a brutal schedule.

My NFL picks are next…..
SEATTLE over L.A. Rams
N.Y. JETS + 2 over Miami
Tampa Bay + 7 over Dallas
Detroit + 5 over N.Y. GIANTS
BALTIMORE – 6 over Philadelphia
CHICAGO + 7 over Green Bay
MINNESOTA – 4.5 over Indianapolis
BUFFALO – 10.5 over Cleveland
KANSAS CITY -5 over Tennessee
HOUSTON – 6 over Jacksonville
ARIZONA – 2 over New Orleans
ATLANTA – 13.5 over San Francisco
DENVER + 3 over New England
Oakland – 2.5 over SAN DIEGO
CINCINNATI + 3 over Pittsburgh
Carolina + 5 over WASHINGTON
LAST WEEK: 8-7-1 SEASON: 93-90-10

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