Apartments added to demo list

FLINT TWP. — Since being condemned in late November last year, the Brookstone Valley Apartments complex off Flushing Road has become a trouble spot that township officials want to see torn down.

To that end, the board approved a building department recommendation to add Brookstone to the Community Development Block Grant projects list for 2011-13.

Tracey Tucker, of the building department, said the approval was necessary to formally seek county funding assistance to raze the complex.

At a Genesee County Community and Economic Development meeting on March 14, a subcommittee approved the transfer of $6,000 from the township’s 2011 sidewalk project funds and $158,727 from a CDBG reserve/recapture account, Tucker reported to the board.

Final approval of that funding was due for a vote by the County Board of Commissioners on March 21, Tucker said.

If approved, the funding will be added to the township’s demolition budget.

“We are having several criminal issues up there,’’ Tucker said of the vacant Brookstone buildings where several arrests have been made, as confirmed by Police Chief George Sippert.

Trustee Barb Vert inquired about a bid cap on demolition costs.

Tucker said the project would be bid out with a provision not to exceed a stated amount.

Trustee Belenda Parker asked how many buildings were involved.

Tucker said there are ten buildings and an inground swimming pool that needs to be filled in. There’s also an issue with a burned out clubhouse that has been pushed into the pool, she said.

Brookstone’s buildings have sat empty since tenants were moved out in late November during condemnation proceedings. The complex was shut down because the owners had a seriously delinquent water bill leading to a shutoff. Some of the buildings also were without heat then and building inspectors found that one had the remains of raw sewage in the hallways.

Nine uninhabitable buildings at the complex were razed in 2010.

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