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The month of April is one of the best months for sports. The first rounds of the NHL and NBA playoffs are both wrapping up. The Masters has been played and was epic last Sunday. The Lions’ Super Bowl, the NFL draft, is this week with round one being tonight. The first month of baseball season is almost completed with some shocking teams doing well and others stinking up the diamond. Let’s get into some of these April sports scenes.

The NHL hockey playoffs have two Game Sevens on tap, which are the best watch in sports, in my opinion.

There is potential for two more Game Sevens if Nashville defeats Dallas and Carolina defeats the Washington Capitals. I will be watching both on this Monday night. The Boston and Toronto series goes seven games and the Bruins will be at home. The San Jose Sharks will have a home game in the Shark Tank against the Vegas Knights. I believe the Bruins and Knights both win on Tuesday night and advance to round two.

The huge news in Detroit is the return of the Captain Steve Yzerman to the Red Wings as a general manager. The move kicks out Kenny Holland, who has a new position in the Red Wings organization as senior vice president. The introduction is over and now Steve needs to roll up his sleeves and get the Red Wings back into the playoffs. The Wings have missed three years in a row and missing again next year is probably going to happen. The facts are that Yzerman built a strong team in Tampa Bay and should do the same here in Hockeytown. I can proudly state I have faith in him and he is beloved in Detroit and most importantly has a proven track record as a general manager. Hockeytown needs to return to the playoffs, it’s killing all of us Red Wings fans!

The NBA playoffs have had sweeps and zero upsets so far. The upsets will not happen in my opinion from what I have watched so far. The Pistons are totally out-classed in talent by the Milwaukee Bucks. I can see the sweep tonight being completed at Little Caesars Arena by the Bucks. I just want to see the Pistons build off this playoff experience for next season and improve to a four or five seed. This Bucks team will win the Eastern Conference and have a legit shot at winning the championship. The second-round Western Conference match-up of the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors will be must watch NBA action!

The baseball season shocker is the Boston Red Sox struggles in the American League East at 9-13. I doubt they will finish under .500, but they have dug themselves an early hole.

The Tampa Bay Rays are in first place with players none of us have any idea who they are. The Yankees are wounded with many injuries. The West has Seattle in first but it’s only a matter of time before the Houston Astros take over the lead.

How about the Pirates in first place in the National League Central? The Cardinals and Brewers are right behind them. The Cubs have played horrible baseball so far. This race will be awesome to watch all summer long.

The East in the National League will be a fun all summer long between the Phillies, Nationals, Braves and maybe the Mets. The Tigers are right at .500 and playing better than most of us expected.

The NFL draft is tonight. Will Kyler Murray go number one to the Arizona Cardinals? I think he will, or else Arizona has put up one tremendous smoke screen. The Lions select at number nine; will they go offense and tight-end or defense and take a pass rusher? I think it will be a defensive player and I hope it is. The tight ends picked in the first round have been busts with the most recent being Eric Ebron! The Oakland Raiders alone have the third, 24th and 27th picks in first round. Man, talk about a possible great improvement of a football team. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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