April in the D: Tigers red hot, Wings on ropes



The Ole English “D” ball club is red hot here in the month of April. All of us Detroit Tiger fans could have never imagined such a start; I know I didn’t.

The starting pitching has been outstanding and this is with Justin Verlander on the shelf nursing his arm injury. The job Shane Greene and Alfredo Simon have done combining for a solid 6-0 record and a combined ERA of just a touch over one run. It makes Dave Dombrowski look like a super smart man for one thing.

It also makes all of us forget about Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello, doesn’t it?

The defense is also playing tremendous, which has not been the norm here in Detroit the last few seasons. The shortstop play of Jose Iglesias defensively is a true joy to watch. Jose gets to balls hit in the hole that very few shortstops can. He has soft hands and quick feet and a very strong arm. I knew he was a good defensive player but I did not realize he was as good as he is, to be honest. This guy will save Detroit so many runs this season with his range and mad skills at shortstop. Jose is also hitting a robust .439 which has been basically a bonus. He will hit between .250 and .270 when he comes back to reality at the plate.

The starting pitching has been so good we have not had to endure the implosion of the relief pitching yet. It’s coming, Tigers fans, so brace yourself for it.

The huge surprise is how well Joakim Soria has closed out the Tigers victories in the ninth inning.

Can we all in one loud roar yell good bye Joe Nathan! There, I feel better yelling it out loud. Detroit just needs to eat the money and cut the mouthy and worthless bum. Joe Nathan could care less about Tiger fans. Remember he said that reading between the lines.

Yoenis Cespedes can flat out rake. I am liking what I am seeing from Cespedes so far at the plate. J.D.

Martinez looks like he will not be a one-year hit wonder. I was a little worried that last year was a fluke. J.D. looks like the real deal and it makes me feel better about him.

The American League Central will be a tight race all summer long. The division that was once one of the weakest in baseball is now one of the toughest. Comerica Park is the place to be this summer to cheer on the Tigers.

Down and dirty playoffs

The NHL hockey playoffs first round are about halfway done. Montreal and Anaheim are both up 3-0 so they will be moving on to the next round. The Calgary and Vancouver series has been one nasty, nasty playoff series. This series has been the true meaning of old-time hockey. The fighting and penalties have been crazy.

I have enjoyed watching it for sure. There is no better action than the first round of the NHL Playoffs.

The Red Wings gained a split in Tampa Bay winning game one and losing game two. The Red Wings had no business winning game one. Tampa Bay out-shot Detroit 46 to 14, yet Detroit won the game 3-2.

The Game 3 was much closer, with the Wings winning 3-0, but the shot on goals dominance wasn’t there by Tampa.

Petr Mrazek was lights out in the cage for Detroit in game one and three. However, in game two, he was not very good. The Detroit Red Wings’ goalies will remain the story for the rest of the playoffs. The goalie situation is like the prize in a Cracker Jack box; you have no idea what you’re getting.

I wonder what goes on in coach Mike Babcock’s head watching the goalie situation unfold night after night. I know it frustrates the Red Wings fans night in and night out. I am sticking to my prediction of the Wings in seven games. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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