Are the signs of spring upon us?



After months of freezing temperatures, snow dumped on our heads and slick roads, it’s beginning to look like spring may be almost here. It may be feeling much warmer outside — but could it all disappear under another blanket of snow and ice?

So what are some sure signs of spring? I think there are some obvious signs, natural clues which tell us winter is drawing to a close.

Of course there’s sunshine and warmth — that’s a no-brainer. But this early in the transition to spring the nice weather can quickly be blown away by one last blizzard or ice storm.

More signs of spring include those in nature: the rise of early flowers like daffodils and crocus, the return of robins, the grass grows green and buds cover the branches of the trees.

Then there’s the more subtle signs, the human element which proves people are coming out of hibernation and are feeling the effects of the changing of the season.

What would some of those signs be?

Well, first there’s kids outside playing, wearing shorts and kicking off their shoes and socks. In this week’s sudden burst of 70 degree temps and sunshine, children were already out on the streets with pant legs rolled up on their pants and shoes off — just a week after we were buried in a foot of snow. Michigan — got to love it.

I’ve also noticed fast drivers are out as the weather gets better. The fear of hitting an ice patch dissipates and the lead-footed wonders hit the streets. Nothing like driving along casually on the local roads, windows open with the radio jamming and then you look up in your rearview mirror to see a faster car barreling up on your bumper, or a jacked-up pickup truck who seems to want to run you over.

One thing is people seem to be in a better mood with the arrival of spring. By mid-winter people are always grouchy, complaining and depressed. At least during the spring they seem to be a little happier — though when the hot weather gets here we’ll see how long that lasts.

So is spring here? Well the calendar says we still have more than a week left until the official start of spring. Considering this is Michigan, we’ll probably see more snow before too long, so don’t get your hopes up too high. As we all know it could snow much more the rest of March, April and even (dare I say) early May.

I for one am keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll soon put the winter of 2016 behind and move on to much brighter and warmer times. Baseball season, fishing, hanging out at the beach and summer barbeques and cookouts are hopefully not far away.

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