Are we doing everything we can to protect our children?

I was shocked and appalled to read that on Oct. 4, the Davison Board of Education passed a resolution requesting the rescission of the Genesee County Health Department’s Emergency Health Order Requiring all Staff and Students to Wear Face Masks in a School Setting.

As a parent and a professional who spent 45 years working with children and families in Genesee County, I do not understand this resolution. It appears that “parental choice” was a catch phrase used to support this stance. I do not feel that parental choice is appropriate when that choice may adversely impact the health of other students and staff. Those with serious health concerns seem to be ignored with the passage of this resolution.

During a Global Pandemic we should all do what is necessary to decrease the spread of this virus. It is time to care for ourselves AND each other. So glad I was raised by parents who taught me to care for others.

The spread of this virus has steadily increased in the 48423-zip code. We are #2 on the list of highest number of cases. The percentage of positive cases recorded for those in the 0-17 age group has increased over the past year. Our children are at risk. We should be doing everything in our power to protect them. We should also be teaching them the importance of caring for one another. Where is our humanity?

This resolution does not support “Where Kids Come First and Futures Begin”. — Diana Rutherford, Davison