Arizona trip provides new vanity plate selection



Recently I spent a few days in Arizona with some buddies of mine from high school. It was a good time and probably something I will write more about in the coming weeks.

Being on the roads in Arizona was an experience. I learned drivers from California drive incredibly slow (I think it’s because of all the traffic in their own state) and you have to watch out for falling rocks in some of the canyon areas — because it is possible for a huge rock to fall on your car and crush it with you inside.

The trip also gave me a chance to see some of the local selection of vanity plates there:

WOOOSE — This one escapes me, but I did a Google search and found it is the name of a song by a Denver-based band called Victory Heights. Don’t know if this was on a fan’s car, or if it’s some sort of western United States saying, but it was probably the first vanity plate I saw in Arizona.

OUTA LA — An Arizona vanity plate for a Californian fed up with the Los Angeles rat-race. They must have said goodbye to the chaos of the big city and settled for a calmer life in Arizona — at least that’s my take on it.

WEDCAKE — My guess is this was a baker’s vehicle, possibly someone in the wedding cake business. Either that or someone who enjoys eating wedding cake, which I must admit is one of my favorite desserts.

Z I LOVE — Attached to a slick-looking black Nissan Z seen cruising the roads around the Phoenix/ Scottsdale area. There were an abundance of these cars in Arizona, as well as many Ford Mustangs and Dodge Challengers. Interesting how tastes in cars seem to be different in other parts of the country. BSTEVR! — I haven’t figured out what this plate was referring to as “the Best Ever.” The car itself (the type of car doesn’t stand out to me), a description of the driver’s day or how the driver felt after not getting stuck behind a slow moving Californian.

CARBUFF — This guy may have been a car buff, but he wasn’t much of a racing buff. He and another driver were seen pulled over by police on an expressway entrance ramp, having obviously sideswiped each other in what very well could have been an attempt at a little need for speed racing. Head hung low as he stood beside the road, his papers in hand for the police officer, it looked like a he was thinking “this never happens to Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious movies!”

I’m going to end this time around with a little something closer to home. A reader sent this to me and said it is his wife’s vanity plate for her dream car — a convertible Volkswagen Eos.

The reader said his wife, Deb, grew tired of seeing customers drive up to where she works in their “cute little convertibles on a nice, warm/hot summer’s day, top down, basking in the sun.” So, he said, she decided to surf the web for her own dream car … and found it!

“Ergo,” he said, “to herald her mid-life toy, we created her own license plate … VDEBYA.”

I hope Deb has lots of fun tooling around this summer, after the Arctic snow and ice finally clear, in her dream car. Sounds like she deserves it.

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