As 2020 NFL Draft goes virtual, Lions still a real threat to blow it

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The 2020 National Football League Draft that begins with the first round this Thursday will have a different feel this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The NFL made a bold move in not canceling the draft and deciding to have it on the original scheduled dates, Thursday through Saturday.

But this year’s draft is going to look a lot different.

All 32 NFL teams will be participating in a virtual draft. The teams will make their selections from their homes. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will announce the names of the first-round picks from his home in New York. And the players, also at home, will miss out on putting on the hat and strolling across the stage.

The fans will miss out on cheering or booing as they agree or disagree with the pick. I actually love that part, as every fan has a specific pick in mind for their team. Let’s be honest — on draft day we all play general manager. Hey, while we’re being honest, let’s agree that with live sporting events on the back burner, the draft will be heavily viewed.

The preparation for teams drafting players had a unique twist this year. Player workouts and visiting of team facilities by potential picks were basically halted as only few happened before it was shut down by the pandemic. The words “Facetime” and “Zoom” became the norm for NFL teams. The Facetime chats were limited to one hour between player and team.

I say any player talking to coach Pencil Head and No-Win Quinn for an hour is 55 minutes too long for the player! I am sure when they sign off, the player hopes the Lions don’t draft them!

Let’s look ahead to the draft, shall we!

The first pick is a total no brainer for the Cincinnati “Bungles.” They will not bungle the selection of LSU quarterback Joe Burrow at number one. The Washington Redskins at number two will select the best player in the draft in Chase Young from “Oh How I Hate Ohio State.” I would love for the Redskins to pass on Young, but I doubt they will.

The “Boo Hoo” and Silver Detroit Lions are on the clock at number three. The Lions will look at a long snapper from Southern Utah or a punter from Long Beach State. I ask, would it shock anyone? I say, heck no, it wouldn’t.

Okay, seriously, the selection will be and has to be Jeff Okudah, cornerback from Ohio State. The departure of Darius Slay to Philadelphia makes this pick a total must for the “Lie Downs,” I mean, the Lions. Their defense was number 29 out of 32 teams last season. Yikes! That’s horrendous, especially for a head coach who is a defensive guru! He is about as close to a guru as I am a Brad Pitt look alike.

The problem in the secondary, no matter who you draft, is a lack of a pass rush. The Lions pass rush is non-existent. I say Prime Time Deion Sanders would stink in the Lions defense as you cannot cover a guy for five minutes! The Lions after the No. 3 pick will pick at No. 35, No. 67, No. 85 (from Philadelphia), No. 109, No. 149, No. 166 (from Philadelphia) No. 182 and No. 235. They get a solid nine selections and in my opinion six of them need to be taken on the defensive side of the football. The first four picks need to be defense and the players need to contribute on the football field immediately.

I ask, does any one of us trust the Lions to do anything right in this draft?

The track record answer is NO! The Lions have whiffed way too many times over the decades on draft picks. This weekend let’s all hold our breath and see what the “Lovable Losers Organization” comes up with in the 2020 draft.

The draft has other intriguing pieces this weekend I will be watching. Where will Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa land with questions about his health? I personally think the Miami Dolphins covet him and will select him. Who selects Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert or Jalen Hurts from Oklahoma? The wildcard quarterback is Jordan Love from Utah State. I believe he is similar to Josh Allen, who was selected by Buffalo. The upside Jordan Love exhibits will entice some team to select him late first round, I think. I say, let the fun begin!

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