Atlas FD receives donations for safety equipment

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

Atlas Township Fire Department Lt. Gary Schafer and Chief Steve Bullen accepted checks from Good Times in Goodrich and Hannah’s Legacy. Jenny McKenzie and Jeff Dawley presented the donations to the fire department.

ATLAS TWP. — The Atlas Township Fire Department received a welcome surprise last week when two local organizations donated close to $1,000 toward the purchase of new safety equipment.

The donations came from Good Times in Goodrich and Hannah’s Legacy.

Fire Chief Steve Bullen said the money will go toward the purchase of three new helmets. Helmets, which cost $350 to $450 each, must be replaced every 10 years. The fire department still needs to replace eight or nine helmets this year, Bullen said.

The chief said the donations are appreciated and were unexpected.

“We didn’t go out and ask,” he said. “They just wanted to give it; they offered it.”

The department will have some large expenses in the next couple of years.

At least 20 air packs will have to be replaced, at a cost of about $6,000 each, Bullen said. In addition, the agency will need a new rescue truck, at a cost of about $200,000 to $225,000.

“After that, we’re pretty good with trucks for a while,” he said.