August 4 Primary: No Split Ticket Voting

We all know how important our right to vote is. I hope that each of you vote, either by absentee ballot or by going into a polling location on election day.

With the Aug. 4 primary election coming up soon, we need to remember that we are not able to split ticket vote. The Michigan Secretary of State office explains it by saying, “You cannot ‘split’ your ticket (i.e., vote in more than one party column) when voting in the August primary. Voters participating in an August primary must confine their votes to a single party column.”

In the November general election, you can split your ticket and vote for each individual no matter the party affiliation. I believe this is when your vote really does make a difference to make sure the person that best represents your community has a chance to be elected.

Get out and vote! — Travis Howell, Davison Township