The 2013 North American International Auto Show opens to the general public on Jan. 19. The charity preview event, which benefits many local Detroit charities, takes place the day before.

Before either event takes place, there is a beehive of activity inside of Cobo Hall, to make the glitz and glamour look flawless and seamless.

So, what does it take to make Cobo Hall ready for an event, which will be highlighted on local television, as well as covered by journalists from all over the world?

According to spokespersons for the NAIAS, construction for the NAIAS begins 12 weeks before the opening of the event. There is a lot of coordinating of people and materiel behind the scene.

Fourteen semi-trailers are needed to carry the 75,000 yards of carpet used to cover the show floor. There are 159 exhibits, and 500 cars for the viewing public both inside and outside of Cobo Hall and dismantling the exhibits require 1,225 skilled trades people such as carpenters, stagehands, electricians, teamsters, riggers and ironworkers.

There are others involved in the process. More than 100 custodians, 400 catering personnel, 65 car polishers, 135 car porters, 100 Cobo Center employees, 75 NAIAS staff and 450 security personnel are needed to run the show smoothly.

So, when you come down to visit the Auto Show and wonder at the latest and greatest the automotive industry has to offer, think of the thousands of people who put everything together to make the show experience exciting.

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