Bad blood boils over onto the ice in playoffs



The NHL playoffs have been nasty and bad blood has boiled in a few of these series so far. The Philadelphia-Washington series in game three went into total chaos. The Philadelphia Flyers went way overboard with their on-ice actions, to the point of embarrassment, if you ask me. The actions of the fans was also uncalled for in game three.

The Detroit Red Wings-Tampa Bay Lightning series has been tough and physical and game two at the end became old-time hockey. One could also question if actions were called for at the end of that game. It looked like a playoff series from the 1970s and 1980s. Justin Abdelkader was involved in the fight and messed up his hand pretty good. I think part of the reason for the fisticuffs is the fact Tampa Bay was pushing the Red Wings around in games one and two. Let’s be honest, the Tampa Bay hockey team is loaded with a bunch of big boys and after playing seven greuling games in the playoffs last season, these teams do not like each other. One must ask, is this the beginning of a rivalry between the Red Wings and Lightning? I would probably side with a yes answer to that, as a rivalry is developing. The whole series rides on Tuesday’s game four outcome at Joe Louis Arena. The “Winged Wheels” win and we will have what I predicted in a seven-game series. If they lost this one, it’s golfing time for the Red Wings.

I did like the fact that coach Jeff Blashill made the switch to goalie Petr Mrazek just to shake things up. The play of Jimmy Howard was not the reason Detroit lost those two games in Tampa Bay by any stretch. I thought he played decent. The power play of the Red Wings is horrible! I can’t even watch the anemic power play anymore because I get so darned mad. It’s absolutely disgusting! If they don’t get it fixed, they will not advance.

Pistons back in the mix

The Pistons pushed the Cleveland Cavs in game one at Cleveland last Sunday. I thought it was an excellent effort by Detroit on the road.

I thought the Pistons might play Cleveland tough in this series. It is so nice to see the Pistons back in the playoff mix. It was way too long of a dry spell where there was no playoff basketball for the Pistons. Detroit played the Cavs tough during the regular season and match up well with Cleveland’s personnel. I like the job coach Stan Van Gundy has done molding this young basketball team. I see years of playoff trips in the Pistons’ near future. I also loved the fine SVG took from the NBA after saying on television that the refs would call no offensive fouls on LeBron James. It is a shame he was fined for telling the truth! I watched the game and at least three times James steam-rolled the Pistons defender and no offensive foul was called! The NBA is so biased towards its “star players” it’s sickening to watch.

I will say I was glad Kobe Bryant went out with his 60 points in his last game. I didn’t even watch it! I was happy the Golden State Warriors broke the Bulls’ season record for wins!

Blockbuster move by Rams

The first blockbuster of the NFL Draft happened last week. The L.A. Rams (still sounds funny) traded with the Tennessee Titans for the Titans’ No. 1 overall pick. The Titans locked up a boatload of draft picks from the Rams. However, if the Rams feel like they are getting a quarterback for the next 10 years, then the deal is worth it. I believe the “experts” feel as though the Titans got the best end of the deal. I say only time will tell.

I believe Jared Goff is the player the Rams really want. I like Goff over Carson Wentz, personally. I am not sure Wentz is really ready for NFL action just yet and Goff is NFL ready. I applaud the Rams for going after a position where they have stunk for years. They need a quarterback; bad!

What will the Detroit Lions do in the draft? We will explore that next week.

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