Badgley named Goodrich librarian

GOODRICH – The Genesee District Library (GDL) has named Nicholas Badgley as the new Goodrich librarian.

Prior to this position, Badgley was a temporary librarian at the Flint Township-McCarty Library, and worked 12 years as a library assistant for GDL.

Badgley has a vision for the Goodrich Library.

“I want to ensure that the library functions as a community gathering place where the people of Goodrich will be able to not only access the materials and information that they need, but will also be able to participate in enrichment activities and make connections with neighbors,” said Badgley.

According to Badgley, the role of the public library is to meet the needs of the public. “I have seen many occasions when someone who has never used the library has come in to print a boarding pass for a flight a few hours away, or tickets for a concert that evening,” he said. “When they run out of ink or their printer breaks, the library is available to them when they need it.”

Community is everything according to Badgley. “We need to make sure residents think of us as their library rather than just the library,” he said.

“Americans decided a long time ago that being able to have these resources available to a person should not have to depend on how much money he or she is able to spend,” said Badgley. “This is why communities decided to pool their resources and public libraries became ubiquitous across the country.”

Badgley holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with a major in history from the University of Michigan-Flint. He holds a Master of Library and Information Science from Wayne State University. – G.G.

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