Basketball game disrupted by armed youth to resume February 10

FLINT TWP. — A boys’ basketball game that started Dec. 13, 2019, finally will resume after being interrupted when police spotted a fan with a gun in the crowd.

Grand Blanc and Carman- Ainsworth, two of the top Division 1 teams this season, will resume play at 4 p.m. Feb. 10 at Carman-Ainsworth.

The original Dec. 13 game was suspended at halftime with Carman- Ainsworth leading 37-35 when a Flint Township Police officer spotted a teen wearing a hoodie sweat shirt that showed the outline of a gun. As police closed in on him, the boy ran down the bleachers and across the court. He was apprehended in a hallway, and police found a pistol on him. No one was injured.

The incident led Carman-Ainsworth Superintendent Eddie Kindle to implement a no backpacks/no purses policy and to scan all attendees with metal detector wands at all home games. The practice began immediately after the incident at a Dec. 17 game.

“Attendees have also, in fact, been positively cooperative,” Kindle said. “We have also increased additional safety personnel and have continued to partner with Flint Township Police officers at our games.”

Grand Blanc Superintendent Clarence Garner said he and Kindle have continued to work together to ensure the public’s safety at both district’s athletic events.

“I do not have any safety concerns for our athletes, families or community attending this event,” Garner said. “We have worked closely with Carman-Ainsworth to put safety and security enhancement in place at both of our districts to better ensure that these events will be safe for all that attend.”

The game had been tentatively scheduled to resume Jan. 2, but scheduling conflicts over the holiday break pushed the game back to Feb. 10. The game will resume with the original halftime score of 37-35, and the second half will be played. Kindle and Garner said that decision was made by both district’s athletic directors in consultation with the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

Tickets for the game are $5 and include admission to the Carman- Ainsworth girls varsity game against East Lansing. Anyone with questions about the resumption of the game can contact Carman-Ainsworth Athletic Director Mary Haslinger at 810-591-5510.