Belated prom in the works for FHS

Interested students should contact event organizer

FLUSHING — Dan Fralick wants to make sure the coronavirus doesn’t rob the Flushing High School Class of 2020 of all of their rites of passage.

Fralick, public relations director for Flushing Valley Golf Course, is on a mission to provide this year’s seniors with a prom. He has the blessing of his employers to have the event at the golf course, and he’s looking at available dates in July.

“I was thinking about when I graduated a long time ago,” said Fralick. “I didn’t get to go do the prom because my parents either didn’t have the money or they said it was a waste of money. These kids shouldn’t have to live with that memory.

“It’s bad enough they didn’t get to finish their senior year in school. They missed all kinds of senior stuff: senior skip day, the senior walk, awards night. They didn’t get their last day of 13 years of schooling. They got cheated.”

What Fralick needs to know is whether there is enough interest in a July prom. Interested students should contact him at

“My daughter graduated in 1995 and I remember how her senior prom meant so much to her,” said Fralick. “Because of all the uncertainty we live with right now – we live in a wait-and-see society right now – I would just hate to see these kids go without a prom.

“I know it’s just a party, but it’s more than a party, it’s a passage. I think they earned it, they deserve it. And I think this community will get behind it.”

Fralick is, as yet, unsure of the cost, but promises it will be affordable.

“This one is special,” he said. “It goes back 53 years to the prom I didn’t get to go to. And, with the pandemic, and families worrying about things like paying bills, I don’t want them to have those memories. Those aren’t good memories.”