Beware of high-accident intersections

FLINT TWP. — Corunna Road at South Ballenger Highway topped the list of Flint intersections with the most auto accidents in 2014 and was second on the list for having the most “injury” accidents, according to recent report from Michigan Auto Law, a personal injury law firm that specializes in vehicle accident victims.

Michigan Auto Law attorneys compiled its Top 10 lists using data from the Traffic Crash Reporting Unit of the Michigan State Police, according to a press release. One list ranks intersections according to the number of incidents, including fender benders and other minor accidents. The second list ranks them according to reported injuries or fatalities.

“The second list is probably a better indication of what areas in Flint are most dangerous, as it only includes only Flint car accidents where a police officer noted injuries and/or fatalities in the crash investigation forms,” the report stated.

With 32 incidents last year, the Corunna Road and South Ballenger Highway ranked No. 1 on the first list. Ten accidents involving fatalities or injuries ranked that same intersection No. 2 on the second list.

The intersection of West Bristol Road and Bristol/North I-75 Ramp also was cited, ranking tenth on the second list with six fatalities or injuries reported in 2014.

Neither intersection is located in Flint Township but is on its borders and therefore could pose problems for township residents who frequently travel in those areas.

Township Police Chief George Sippert said his officers sometimes handle accidents at Bristol and the I-75 freeway ramp when Flint officers are tied up, but technically it is Flint’s jurisdiction. He took no issue with the report’s findings but said other intersections come to mind as bigger problem areas.

John Daly, director of the Genesee County Road Commission, also had no comment. He noted that Ballenger/ Corunna is under Flint’s jurisdiction and I-75 at Bristol is under the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

For informational purposes, here are the full lists of rankings according to Michigan Auto Law. Read the full report online at blog/2015/07/15/flint-intersections-car-accidents/

Michigan Auto Law seeks comments on its Facebook page ( MichiganAutoLaw) from motorists frequently traveling through these Flint intersections as to why they think the incidents rate is so high. As of Tuesday, there were 42 responses citing reasons varying from the party store exits on the corner of Corunna and Ballenger to people texting while driving and those who just plain can’t drive.

One thoughtful commenter suggested turning “the southbound right lane into a right turn only lane. That lane always gets backed up due to one person at the front going straight but stopped on red, then everyone behind rushing to turn right before the light turns red and gets stuck behind someone else going straight.” — Compiled by Rhonda Sanders

Flint roads with the most reported vehicle accidents
Intersection Total Crashes
1 Corunna Road @ South Ballenger Highway 32
2 East Court Street and South Dort Highway 26
3 North I-475 @ S Grand Traverse Street 25
4 Lapeer Road and South Center Road 23
5 East Court Street and South Center Road 22
6 East 5th Avenue and North Saginaw Street 20
7 Cesar Chavez Dr. @ Robert Longway Blvd. 20
8 West Bristol Road @ North I-75 Ramp 19
9 Van Slyke Road and West 12th Street 19
10 North Grand Traverse @ West 5th Avenue 19

Flint intersections with the most car accidents involving injuries and fatalities
Intersection Total Crashes
1 East Court Street and South Dort Highway 11
2 Corunna Road @ South Ballenger Highway 10
3 Lapeer Road and South Dort Highway 8
4 East 5th Avenue and North Saginaw Street 7
5 Clio Road and West Pierson Road 7
6 Davison Road @ North Dort Highway 7
7 Cesar Chavez Dr. @ Robert Longway Blvd. 6
8 E. Stewart Avenue @ North I-475 Ramp 6
9 North I-475 @ South Grand Traverse Street 6
10 West Bristol Road @ North I-75 Ramp 6
– Source: Michigan State Police – Traffic Crash Reporting Unit

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