Biding adieu to one of the all-time greats

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We say good bye to Mr. “Omaha” Peyton Manning. The career came to a close on Monday afternoon as No. 18 stepped up to the podium and ended his NFL days as a quarterback. Peyton was fighting back the tears as he was getting emotional and choked up. The number 18 will always be Peyton Manning to me. I find it quite ironic that he wore the number 18 and played eighteen years in the NFL. Isn’t that cool? I think it is.

Peyton has so many records the list would take too long to write. Peyton holds the record for NFL passing touchdowns (539) which to me is significant. Peyton won two Super Bowls and was a five-time NFL MVP-award winner.

When I think of Peyton Manning as a quarterback, here are my thoughts. Peyton was a true leader of his football team on the field, and off. Peyton was dedicated in the film room and as prepared as anyone when he took the field on Sundays. Peyton never had the strongest arm or too much mobility in the pocket. What he did have was smarts and the ability to check his team into the right play at the line of scrimmage. I can honestly say it was an awesome ride to watch his college career and professional career. I believe he will always be in the top 10 quarterbacks of all time when the discussions of the best all-time are brought up.

I leave you with this thought: How does the draft pick by the Indianapolis Colts look when they selected Peyton over one Ryan Leaf? Oh, how things could have been so different for the Indianapolis Colts! Peyton Manning, I am glad you chose to end your NFL career with a Super Bowl victory! It was the fitting end to a terrific career and perfect storybook ending. I say, thanks for the memories and scream out one last time “OMAHA!”

Disaster in Philly

Let’s stick to the NFL talk for a minute. The Philadelphia Eagles have traded DeMarco Murray to the Tennessee Titans. The Murray experiment was a total disaster in Philly. I think this deal is more of a cap-saving move by the Eagles. However, the thought of Murray helping out the young quarterback, Marcus Mariota, in Tennessee is intriguing to me. The Titans will feed the football to their new running back for sure.

Cutting their loses

The Washington Redskins released RG III, which was no shocker. It was a given Washington didn’t want him back. I think RG III will get a look from some NFL team next season. The NFL free-agency period starts this week and I will be keeping a close eye on all teams moves and signings.

Time is on his side

The Detroit Lions said goodbye to Calvin Johnson on Tuesday. My gut hunch was the longer he waited the more likely he will return for one more season. One has to love the NFL, as there really is no offseason.

Selection Sunday Show

The NCAA Selection Show will take place this Sunday for college basketball pairings. Michigan State is an absolute lock for a No. 2 seed. I think they should be a No. 1 seed if they win the Big Ten Tournament at Banks Life Field House in Indianapolis. Michigan State plays Friday night at 6:30 p.m. and gets the winner of the Penn State and Ohio State game. The Michigan Wolverines will open on Thursday at noon against the Northwestern Wildcats. If Michigan is to get into the NCAA tournament it must win this game. Even then, a bid is not likely. I think Michigan needs to beat Northwestern and then knock off Indiana at noon on Friday. This weekend should be an awesome Big Ten Tournament. When the NCAA show is over on Sunday, some teams will be elated and some will be disappointed. What will be fun is bracket mania and all the NCAA pools! I hope you fill out your brackets and win. I will break down all the winners come next week.

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