Residents seek answers to loud noises heard throughout community

BURTON — If you look at social media regarding the Burton area, you’ll see reports almost daily of loud, booming noises heard throughout the city.

Some residents say they are gunshots, others think fireworks, but discussion about the problem moved from Facebook to the most recent city council meeting, Jan. 7.

Councilman Danny Wells asked the administration at the meeting if it was aware of the complaints and if it had any answers for residents who want to know what’s going on.

“At any given time throughout our city people in different neighborhoods are hearing loud, window rattling, roof shaking, car alarm starting booms,” said Wells. “If anyone can figure out what those booms are and maybe let us know, that would be great. Honestly, from one day to the next they seem to travel all over the city. It’s something residents are very cognizant of. I don’t have an answer for them, but I don’t know there is an answer for them.”

Council President Steve Heffner questioned whether someone in the city might own a cannon, saying some people own small powder cannons they use for recreation that are “extremely loud.”

“From what’s being described, that’s what it sounds like to me,” he said. “Somebody has one of those cannons.”

Mayor Duane Haskins said his office receives many complaints about booming noises, adding from investigations conducted by both the Burton police and fire departments it appears the cause may be some kind of firework.

Nobody has reported seeing a cannon, he said further, but there have been plenty of reports about loud booms along with gunshots.

“In some areas, it’s being reported, some people are trying to keep coyotes off their properties as well,” said Haskins. “So those are the things we’ve come up with so far.”

If anyone knows anything about the loud booms, Haskins urged them to contact the city offices at 810-743-1500 or the police non-emergency number at 810-742-2542