Big bucks for Romo, combine overreaction

Fat Guy Corner



The NFL combine has concluded, and the winner is…? I would say Tony Romo, who signed a multi-year contract worth about a cool $17 million! I guess CBS did not want Tony searching elsewhere for employment. The most John Madden made was roughly $8 million a year. I personally like Tony’s breakdown of the football games on Sunday and think he is a great in the booth.

Let’s get back to the combine for a minute. The combine is getting to be misleading, as scouts get too high on some of these drills players do. How high a player can jump as a receiver makes no difference if he has stone hands! Do you see what I am saying? A quarterback with a rocket arm is no good if he can’t throw it accurately on the football field. I remember the knock on Chris Spielman at the combine because they said he was too slow to play linebacker! We all know how that story ended up. don’t we? I realize why they have the combine, but don’t overload yourself with all the stuff that comes out information-wise. Am I wrong? Remember this one: Ryan Leaf or Peyton Manning? I close my case with that. Court is adjourned!

Green beer and basketball madness

The calendar has now left February in the rearview mirror and March has arrived. Hey, March, can we get some warmer weather now that you have arrived?

March is important for two things, and only two things. The first is March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, one of the best days on the calendar! The second is college basketball and lots of bouncing orange pumpkins and three balls! I personally get sick of the word ‘Bubble Team” after a week of hearing of the term. These announcers and networks apply the term to about 60 teams knowing that it doesn’t even apply except to about eight teams. The only thing I pay attention to is Joe Lunardi because he is pretty much spot on with last four out and next four out, so ignore all the other “Bubble Team Banter” and listen to Joe!

I love March Madness, as I can watch college basketball all day long (ask the wife; it drives her crazy). The best part for me is watching the non-Power Five basketball conference tournaments that receive automatic bids to the “Big Dance”. The excitement for these basketball players at these smaller schools when they punch a ticket is a thrill of a lifetime! I enjoy watching them jump up and down hugging one another! I say that is the reason why March is so great.

The Big Ten will send eight teams to the NCAA Tournament with an outside shot at nine. The Michigan State Spartans produced a huge road win at Maryland over the weekend. The win pulled them to 12-6 in conference play, tied with Illinois and Wisconsin. All of these teams trail Maryland by one game in the Big Ten. Maryland finishes with Rutgers and Michigan and should at least split, a worst-case scenario for them. The Spartans close with a huge road game at Penn State and at home against the Buckeyes of Ohio State. I would love to see Sparty gain a share of the title, but they must win both games and hope Maryland slips up. The same thoughts are at Illinois and Wisconsin. The Michigan Wolverines will finish up with Nebraska at home and a tough road game at Maryland. The Big Ten Tournament will be a tremendous watch here in 2020. The NCAA Tournament will never be more wide open than here in 2020 due to no dominant teams.

No roar for Tigers this season

The Detroit Tigers are in spring training and usually that means the Fat Guy is excited that baseball is right around the corner. The 2020 season for me and Tigers’ baseball excitement is so low I could scratch a snake’s belly. There is fun in watching young talented kids grow as ballplayers and you can suffer through the losses. The problem here is the talent level on the Tigers’ baseball team is downright awful. The excitement for me is seeing how many Houston Astros players get hit by pitches in 2020. I hope it’s one a game just as long as they don’t throw at their heads. The denial by them cheating makes me sick. What the Houston Astros did is a violation of competitive sports. What are your thoughts?