Black Lives Matter in Flushing; they always did!

The participants in the recent “black lives matter” protest in Flushing last July should have noticed the statue of a stoic faced union soldier overlooking the Flushing cemetery*. Only 24 years after Michigan was admitted into the Union its men were summoned to fight for the Union to rid the nation of slavery.

Fourteen of these men resided in Flushing and were assigned to the 16th Michigan Regiment. Their ages ranged from 19 to 44 years old. Six of the fourteen Flushing soldiers were killed and never returned home. These men paid the ultimate sacrifice for others to live free and be responsible for their own destinies. — Thomas Kline, Flushing

*Statistics to support this letter were derived from the research conducted by Scott Roy of Vienna Township in his writings “History of Flushing natives who served.