Blame it on the moon

Lisa Paine — Sports Editor

Lisa Paine — Sports Editor

Did you check out that moon Tuesday night? Spectacular!

It also might explain why your teams had their hackles up and their team chemistry was a little amiss this past week. The moon has strange affects on people—and dogs—as mine have found it curiously interesting to go out at two-something the past several nights. Content to just sit in the grass while I nod off with my sleepy head against the very chilly sliding glass door.

Seriously, though. The moon phase makes people do very strange things. So, no, it’s not just the league battles that are making everyone cranky and out of sorts. Blame it on the moon. That good, old familiar face staring back at the kids through the school bus windows as they meandered back to the school, especially on Tuesday when he was out in full force.

The moon’s four phases—first, full, last and new—note the moon’s changing appearance caused by the different angles by which it is illuminated by the sun. In our current phase, the full moon, the sun and moon are in opposition and the entire moon is illuminated. A bright beacon keeping all the night owls of the world company, as they travel to and from destinations. If you hate night driving as much as I do, you’ve enjoyed the company of the Man in the Moon this week. No surprises as critters of the night jump out in front of your car, as you can see across all the vacant fields and darkened yards. Driving by lakes and ponds is especially enjoyable as the reflections paint varied landscapes across their frosty canvases. It’s kind of like driving during the holiday season with all the holiday lights adorning the darkened streets. Once those are turned off, it’s the creepy, dark drives that many of us dread. Not this week. Thank the Man in the Moon for his company and he winks every so slightly as you close your car or house door.

I suspect he’ll catch my eye again tonight as the dogs are inexplicably drawn out of their deep sleep to roam the night again. Bad dog! Maybe the saying that one should never wake sleeping dogs doesn’t apply on the flip side. Or, they missed that memo in their training. Never wake a sleeping owner!! The other companion of the wee hours of the day is Mr. Sandman.

Boy, does it hurt being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night.

Feels like buckets of sand have been poured into my eyes. That’s about the point I grow tired of waiting for the dog to sniff every inch of the ground and walk barefooted on to the frozen deck muttering something like, “you get your sorry butt back up here right now”, as I smirk at the moon. Nothing like a pair of cold feet to keep you awake for another hour or so. Blame it on the moon.

Green with envy

I’m over the Super Bowl. Wasn’t really rooting for either side. But, hours before that contest took part, I was glued to the TV watching Michigan State take on the Wolverines in basketball. Draymond Green was our man of the game in that one. He had quipped to reporters earlier in the week after being asked what would keep him from playing on his recently-injured knee that had him on the sidelines just the game before; death, he said with a smile. Oh, he played and he played hard. Mr. Green grabbed more rebounds in the game than the entire Wolverines’ starting lineup. This one wasn’t going to go to the Wolverines, not on his watch! Sparty on. Play big, or go home. Or, blame it on the moon, Wolverines. Bad Ju Ju in the Izzone? Nah, heebie jeebie moon blindness, that’s all. Better luck next time.

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