Blight, nuisance ordinances enforced

GAINES TOWNSHIP — Enforcing blight ordinances continues to keep township officials busy, especially now that the building and mowing seasons are underway.

In June, 11 residents were notified that they were violating various township regulations, including blight ordinances.

Ordinance #86 requires property owners to cut grass and weeds that are more than 6 inches tall.

Noxious weed notices were posted at properties on Seymour and Cook roads and on Star Court, plus two properties on Morrish Road.

Two landowners got to mowing and brought their properties into compliance, and one case is still pending.

As for the other two properties, the township called in their mowing contractor to cut the weeds, and the cost will be assessed to the property as a tax lien.

The township also has an ordinance prohibiting junk vehicles. Ordinance #72, which addresses blight, prohibits “inoperable and unregistered vehicles.”

Township officials have been making a strong effort to enforce the junk vehicle rules throughout the township. In June, violation notices were posted at homes on Hill Road and Seymour Road.

If the vehicles aren’t removed, the township could take the cases to a formal district court hearing, and all costs incurred by the township, plus any fines imposed on the property owners, may be assessed as a tax lien.

A couple of township residents ran afoul of the law when they failed to obtain the proper permits, which are required for building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical work on any structure other than agricultural barns on zoned agricultural property. (Work on agricultural barns, pole barns, fences and enclosures/ structures require zoning compliance permits before construction begins.)

The township will notify residents of the requirement and give them 10 days to comply before issuing municipal civil infractions that carry penalties up to $500, as the owner of a Morrish Road property found out when he did not pull a permit after receiving a violation notice.

A resident on Hill Road also received a notice but still has a little time to get a permit.

All permits are available at the township hall at 9255 W. Grand Blanc Road.

Code enforcement also continues to field complaints about animals at large. Last month, a Cook Road resident was warned to keep his animals on his own property, and a Morrish Road resident was cited. — L.R.