Board adopts poverty tax exemption policy

FLINT TWP. — A poverty exemption policy for the 2020 tax year was adopted Monday by the Flint Township Board of Trustees.

The policy and procedure provide a means of applying for tax exemption for township property owners who cannot afford to pay their taxes. Residents must file a completed and notarized application each year for the poverty exemption at least one day prior to the last day of March, July or December Board of Review. Although addressed to the Board of Review, the application must be submitted to the township assessor for review and record keeping.

The following information must be provided for all persons residing in the homestead residence:

Provide federal and/or Michigan income tax returns for all persons residing in the principal residence, including the MI-1040 (Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim) filed in the current year or the immediately preceding year.

Provide Social Security Benefits Statement Form SSA-1099.

Provide all sources of household income for all persons residing in the principal residence.

Provide all most current bank and financial statements.

The applicant must own and occupy the property as his/her/their principal residence for the current tax year.

Produce a valid driver’s license or other form of identification, if requested.

Produce a deed, land contract or other evidence of ownership of the property, if requested.

The income level for each family unit that qualifies for a poverty exemption is based on the following federal standards of poverty for number of persons residing in the homestead and the income threshold: 1 person, $12,490; two persons, $16.910; three persons, $21,330; four persons, $25,750; five persons, $30,170; six persons, $34,590; seven persons, $39,010; eight persons, $43,430. For each additional person, add $4,420.

Determination of an applicant’s qualification for a poverty exemption will be based on the “adjusted income” of the family unit; the size of the family unit; and the asset level as set by the Flint Township Board of Trustees.

Review and adjustment of the total reported income of the family unit may reflect the following adjustments/ deductions, but will not exceed a maximum of 20 percent of the total household income: medical expenses incurred, including medical insurance premiums; household and/or utility expenses, including heating expenses and water and sewer charges; other expenses may be allowed at the discretion of the Board of Review.

When determining any poverty exemption, all assets of the family unit, as well as all available sources of income or funds will be considered. The value of additional assets cannot exceed three times the total annual household income of the applicants.

Poverty/financial hardship exemptions are granted on an annual basis. If the Board of Review grants a partial exemption, the resulting tax liability will not exceed 3.5 percent of the applicant’s total “adjusted” household income. The Board of Review can grant a full 100 percent exemption if it determines the action is appropriate.

Applications for the poverty exemption are available at the township assessor’s office in the Flint Township Municipal Building, 1490 S. Dye Road.