Board again turns down offer to buy vacant land

FLINT TWP. — “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” is generally good proverbial advice for fortitude but did not work for a purchaser making a second offer to buy vacant parcels on Charter Drive owned by the township. For the second time, the board in a 5-2 vote turned down an offer from Flint Cardiovascular Consultants to purchase the land for $55,000 without contingencies.

In November 2013, the board accepted an offer from the same purchaser to sell the two parcels at that price with contingencies.

The parcels are among nine on Charter Drive, off Court and Linden roads, that the township listed for sale in the spring of 2014. All were acquired for free in 2008 through the Genesee County Treasurer’s Office tax foreclosed properties, after failing to sell in a public auction. Unsold properties automatically revert back to the township which can choose to keep them or turn them over to the Genesee County Landbank.

The board also a rejected a $38,000 offer from the same buyer in October 2014. It accepted the $55,000 offer price with the condition that the buyer submit a site plan within 180 days and begin building within a year. The deal did not go through.

Amid K Zaiter, a real estate agent from Inca Realty, speaking on behalf of buyer Samir Elian M.D., said the offer price still stands but without the contingencies.

Elian who owns property adjacent to the vacant 3.8-acre parcels does plan to eventually build there but not within the prescribed timeline, Zaiter said. He is not planning to sell the property later at a profit when the economy improves.

Township Economic Enhancement Director Tracey Tucker said the parcels are priced below value.

Trustees George Menoutes and Frank Kasle voted in favor of selling the parcels without contingencies.

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