Board approves 4-year road upgrade plan

FLINT TWP. — With four years left before the expiration of a 10-year road millage approved by voters in August 2006, the township now has a plan in place to address road conditions.

The 4-Year Improvement Plan approved by the township board last week is a comprehensive document covering primary roads, subdivision streets, local roads, ditching and much more information including by-laws of the Road Advisory Committee and its membership.

The stated intent of the plan is to guide township officials in “ a strategy of preservation of the local road system.”

The plan prioritizes road work by year and is based in part on Paser road ratings, which give a grade of 1-10 to road surfaces with one being the worst and 10 being the newest roads.

The plan includes costs estimates and source of funding which can include 50/50 cost-sharing with the Genesee County Road Commission.

Road improvement funding for 2013 projects already has been approved by the township board but improvements proposed in the plan for 2014-16 are subject to review and revisions each year.

David Arceo and John Whiteside, members of the road advisory committee, who submitted the plan to the township board, said the advisory group had spent “countless hours” and many months working on it. That included reviewing data and riding around with county road commission staff to view and grade roads.

Flint Township has 34.73 miles of state trunkline, 42.42 mile of county primary roads and 171.14 miles of county local roads, according to the document.

County primary roads are eligible for federal funding but county local roads are not. More than 68.2 percent of local roads in the township are subdivision streets which are for the most part maintained by special assessments paid by residents.

The plan indicates 2012 PASER ratings for all township paved local roads Paser ratings are not done for unpaved roads. About 83.6 percent of local roads in the township are paved, according to the document.

The plan identifies roads with Paser ratings of 1-4 which are nearing the end of their service life and require serious structural attention ranging from rehabilitation to reconstruction.

Accordingly, widening and resurfacing Dye road from Court to Calkins, which hasa3Paserrating,isamongabout $375,000 in road improvement projects approved for this year.

Paving and milling projects are approved for sections of several streets including Dye Meadows, Scenicvue, Heatherwoode, Squire Hill, Lancaster, Yorktown, Dyekrest and Maplekrest which have Paser ratings of 2 or 3.

A signal improvement project has been approved for the intersection at Dutcher and Lennon roads, which is the back entrance to Genesee Valley Center mall. Some ditching projects are also slated for each year.

It is a flexible list and updated proposals will be brought to the board each year starting in 2014, said township supervisor Karyn Miller.

A new proposal year will be added to the plan after each old year drops off which will keep a four-year plan in place.

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