Board approves contract to fix sinking police station

FLINT TWP. — Portions of the foundation of the Flint Township Police Department building are sinking and need to be replaced soon.

Flint Township Police Chief Kevin Salter asked the township board of trustees during a special meeting Dec. 11 to approve a $82,180 bid from Foundation Systems of Michigan so the work can begin as soon as possible.

“Even though our building is only 15 years old, part of the foundation and floor is sinking,” Salter said in a letter to the board. “Both the community room and the sally port garage has sunk. These were added to the building after the initial excavation had already been started.”

The letter said there is visible damage to the blocked walls and floors in the sally port garage, the entrance doors stick, and the floors have had to be sealed where they meet the walls.

The board approved the contract for Foundation Systems if Michigan to install helical piers to stabilize the foundation and fill the void in the floor and sidewalks with plyfoam. The contractor will not try to raise the foundation because that could cause more damage to the building.

Salter’s letter said the contractor will have to drill holes in the floor, which will damage the carpet and tile in the community room. Installing the piers also will damage the landscaping around the building.

Salter said the building official tried to get other quotes but was unable to find anyone who came recommended for the work.