Board approves substantial 2017 budget amendments

FLINT TWP. — In a five to one vote, the township board approved about $435,635 in amendments to the 2017 budget. Trustee Barb Vert voted no and Trustee Frank Kasle was absent.

The largest general fund expense of $265,135 for the purchase of breathing equipment for the fire department will be offset by a $275,910 federal grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) received this month, according to an explanation from Beth Takacs, controller.

The list of amendments to the General Fund budget expenditures also included:

* Township Board – $1,400 for part-time wages (for per diems of commission members for the Metropolitan Alliance Planning Commission) and for office supplies (new business cards).

* Professional Services – $47,000 for legal fees (amounts paid to Varnum Attorneys) and labor negotiations.

* Civil Service- $400 for per diems and testing materials.

* Treasurer’s Dept. $10,500 for health insurances due to an error in computing the insurance allocation for one clerical employee for the 2017 budget (the formula was corrected for the 2018 budget).

* Township Hall & Grounds – $33,500 for repair and maintenance (mainly for changes to the voicemail system) and building additions and improvements for the security improvements to the Township Hall

* Trade Inspections -$24,000 for a wage and fringe allocation change for a clerical (the adopted 2017 budget had one clerical charged 50% to Building and 50% to Assessment Dept. but the Assessment Dept. decided not to utilize this employee in their department so a portion of the employee’s wage and fringe was charged to Trade Inspections instead).

* Planning Commission- $500 for contractual services (Rowe Engineering).

* Senior Citizens Center- $41,200 for building additions and improvements for drainage and sewer improvements and for new equipment for the Township’s portion of the new Senior Center van.

Also, a $5,000 amendment to the Municipal Street Fund covered the cost for road projects.

According to 2017 budget information presented to the township board earlier this month, the estimated

2017 budget was $14,619,080 including a $4,697,482 fund balance.

The estimated 2017 budget includes expenses of $48,569 for township board expenditures; $174,450 for professional services; $3,381 for Civil Service; $253,869 for the Treasurer’s Office; $146,135 for township hall and grounds;$1,094134 for the fire department; $$192,090 for trade inspections; $9,838 for the Planning Commission; $46,534 for the Senior Center.

With the exceptions of the fire department and the Planning Commission, all of those estimated budgets exceeded earlier 2017 expenditure projections.

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